Letter to the editor: Lori Tussey

Letter: Plans resonate

To the editor:

I am writing in support of Amanda Barge for Monroe County commissioner. This election, I made a conscious effort to be involved in local politics. In so doing, I have a clearer understanding of how whom we elect affects us daily. When searching for a candidate to help campaign for, one immediate difference appeared. Amanda Barge was asking for help from everyone she knew so she could reach as many people in all of Monroe County as possible. She met with me and told me her platform of improving water quality, preserving the character of Bloomington, improving the transparency of our local government, and providing health services to those residents in rural areas. These are her plans that resonate the most with me, as a fellow social services provider. She has many other ideas. Amanda's dedication has already been evident as she has been attending commission and planning meetings to learn as much as she can. I am looking forward to new goals and strategies to be implemented by a fresh face as opposed to the status quo which is so typical of Monroe County politics. Please vote for Amanda Barge.

Lori Tussey