Letter to the editor: Kimberly L. Meyer

Letter: Played vital role

To the editor:

I was pleased to see that Michael Flory is running for the office of Monroe Circuit Court judge.

I worked closely with Michael on many occasions when I was the director of the Youth Services Bureau.

In 2014, the Monroe County Council, the judges and the YSB staff wanted to take major steps in providing services to at-risk youth in the area. The county moved forward with increasing the revenues available from the Juvenile County Option Income Tax. Michael Flory was a vital player in helping the county council, the judges and YSB to understand the options available. This allowed all parties to have a carefully thought out plan for improving services to youth.

His advice was always thorough and thoughtful. I could tell that he was deeply committed to the joint goals of the council, judges and YSB staff — helping the kids in our community who are in most desperate need, and establishing programs to avoid problems in a preventative manner.

Monroe County has always been innovative in how to support our youth and family centered issues. Michael Flory has helped make these improvements happen through is role as a county council attorney. He will make a great judge.

Kimberly L. Meyer