Letter to the editor: Julia Conlin

Letter: ‘Proactive leader’

To the editor:

On May 3, we will be voting for Terri Porter for Monroe County auditor. Terri has more than 17 years of federal government service. As a former administrator with the Department of Housing and Urban Development, she audited and had oversight of billions of tax dollars throughout her federal career. She understands the importance of integrity and accountability. Terri is a consummate problem solver and a proactive leader.

Terri is an Indiana University grad and longtime resident of Bloomington and Monroe County. She started and co-owned a small mechanical contracting business, was the first executive director of the Bloomington Urban Enterprise Association, and serves on the Monroe County Economic Development Commission.

Rather than staying retired, Terri chose to bring her wealth of experience in financial management and people skills to Monroe County by running for auditor. We need her in that troubled office. Vote for Terri Porter for Monroe County auditor May 3.

Julia Conlin