Letter to the editor: Judy Sharp

Letter: Gets the job done

To the editor:

As a supervisor, there are times when you meet a person and know they are destined for bigger things, and for me Jessica McClellan is obviously one of those people. Jessica completed her state-mandated certifications in a little over one year on the job. She is highly intelligent, and a fast learner with the kind of attention to detail that makes her invaluable. She is a fine colleague who makes our team better and gets the job done right.

In the assessor's office, we work hard to exceed the standard of performance expected by the state. That's what Monroe County taxpayers expect. Sadly, our financial offices have an unacceptable record of failure.

Jessica McClellan is seeking the office of treasurer because she believes that she can help to make the county run better. I know she will bring the same work ethic, attention to detail, and sense of duty and service that I've seen in our assessor's office. She knows that county government only works when we work together, and her integrity, intelligence and leadership is just what we need in the treasurer's office. I recommend that you cast your vote for Jessica McClellan.

Judy Sharp