Letter to the editor: Jean Capler

Letter: Great qualities

To the editor:

I am writing in support of Amanda Barge for Monroe County commissioner. Amanda brings a number of great qualities to this position.

She has an understanding of the needs of business owners as she is one herself, operating her own private counseling practice in Bloomington. As a social worker, she understands the human services world and the interconnections between all facets of our community. She exhibits a deep commitment to the people of Monroe County, to the well-being of our communities, and to public service, having served on numerous boards and committees. She is truly engaged in the life of our community, and wants to make Monroe County work for all of us! And, she has made a point of attending numerous Monroe County commissioners meetings so she is quite aware of the requirements and scope of this position.

In electing Amanda Barge as a Monroe County commissioner, we will be adding a leader with an inclusive perspective that reflects a deep understanding of the needs of our most underserved and vulnerable populations, and who will listen to the citizens of the county. Quite simply, she is the best choice for Monroe County commissioner. Vote for Amanda Barge!

Jean Capler