Letter to the editor: Jack Wittman

Letter: Public trust and funds

To the editor:

I have known Jessica McClellan as a friend and colleague for a decade. In my work as an adviser to public officials and municipal governments, I meet many different characters that hold public office. Based on what I have seen, a few specific qualities generate public trust and confidence — openness, a sense of connection to the community and general technical competence. These and other qualities make Jessica an ideal candidate for public office. She can do the work, and we can trust her to take the responsibility of the office seriously. We need that.

Jessica’s work ethic and Midwestern roots are why she is such an ideal person to serve the public. She is who she seems to be, a bright professional who cares.

I trust Jessica as the manager of public funds and the public’s trust. Our community has had reasons to be cautious about how we select people to manage our assets. Jessica is the honest, straightforward person that we need to maintain organizational stability and confidence in local government.

Jack Wittman