Letter to the editor: Isabel Piedmont-Smith

Letter: A Community Leader

A community leader

To the editor:

Amanda Barge would make a great County Commissioner, and I urge all Monroe County voters to support her in the upcoming Democratic primary election. She has the temperament, experience and principles to make an excellent public servant and community leader.

Amanda’s professional experience and training is in the field of counseling, and she runs her own business as a licensed clinical social worker in downtown Bloomington. I have worked with Amanda on the Steering Committee of the Democratic Women’s Caucus, and she always brings meaningful insights into issues we discuss. She is gifted in seeing and acknowledging the positive contributions of everyone on a project and follows through on commitments.

We have three commissioners who must work together as the executive (and partially, legislative) branch of county government. Amanda’s collaborative approach would work well in such a position. In addition, Amanda is committed to the long-term sustainability of our community: environmental, fiscal and social. She will foster inclusion and transparency in county government.

Join me in supporting Amanda Barge for County Commissioner. Visit https://www.facebook.com/voteamanda/ for more information.

Isabel Piedmont-Smith