Letter to the editor: H. Dair Brown

Letter: Many contributions

To the editor:

I urge everyone voting in this primary election to consider supporting Amanda Barge for Monroe County commissioner. Amanda knows Bloomington. She grew up here and graduated from Indiana University. After earning her masters in social work at UT Austin, she and her husband chose to return to her hometown.

Since then, Amanda has contributed to Bloomington in a variety of ways. She is a successful small business owner who has mentored other aspiring small businesses owners. As a community volunteer, Amanda has done everything from volunteering in her children’s school libraries to serving on the community advisory committee for a federal housing and urban development block grant. She is also a tireless advocate on behalf of women candidates.

We often fail to think carefully about local races, but many important issues facing our citizens are addressed by local government. We need leaders who are prepared to listen as citizens speak to issues that concern them. We need leaders who can put ego aside and work to find common ground when crafting policies that ensure our whole community benefits in the long run. I can say with confidence that Amanda Barge possesses these qualities.

Please join me in voting for Amanda Barge.

H. Dair Brown