Letter to the editor: Gretchen Holtz/Nall

Letter: Barge is the one

Barge is the one

To the editor:

Amanda Barge is a highly effective and successful therapist in Bloomington and the owner of Amanda Barge Counseling. I watched her build her practice from a tiny little office to a very successful venture. Amanda listens, questions and deduces. When you talk to a well-trained (she earned her master’s degree from the University of Texas) professional like Amanda, it becomes apparent how many of us don’t really know how to “listen.” It’s hard to be an effective problem solver without this important quality. Amanda is focused and present, and I feel she will be an excellent commissioner.

Amanda is completely dedicated to this town. All of this town. Indiana University, downtown (where she works) the country side, the business sector. She reminds me so much of our beloved Sophia Travis who always encouraged Amanda to seek public office. Amanda was raised in Bloomington, has raised her kids in Bloomington, has always loved this town and will make decisions as Monroe County Commissioner that benefit all of us. Her only special interest is ensuring that Bloomington stays strong, healthy and competitive. She is the one for county commissioner.

Gretchen Holtz/Nall