Letter to the editor: Gregory Reed Travis

Letter: Unmatched experience

To the editor:

I have the great pleasure, as chairman of his campaign, to endorse Rick Dietz for county commissioner. Distinct from his opponents, Rick has held elected office in the county and understands the job for which he is campaigning with a knowledge and experience unmatched.

I have known Rick for over two decades, during which I have served with him on a number of county and city boards and commissions. Rick's progressive vision of a vibrant Monroe County that embraces all of its citizenry is a vision that I embrace wholeheartedly. Not only does Rick understand the value of place, but he understands the mechanics necessary to protect what makes Monroe County unique and a home that attracts and retains the best and the brightest from all over the country.

For some time Rick maintained his bee colony at my and my late wife, Sophia Travis', small farm. Through that he taught us the value of sustainability — not only in his hive management but in his efforts through his organic endeavor, Stranger's Farm.

I served as the president of Monroe County's economic development commission for nearly a decade. What I learned there makes me certain that "Rick is the One."

Gregory Reed Travis