Letter to the editor: Dick and Teresa Lehr

Letter: Supports Porter

Supports Porter

To the Editor

It is our pleasure to support Terri Porter for Monroe County Auditor. Terri will bring professionalism and accountability to the Auditor’s office, qualities that have been missing from that office for many years.

We have known Terri for a long time as a public servant, strong leader and good friend. She worked at the federal level for more that seventeen years, for the Department of Housing & Urban Development, where she ensured tax dollars were spent wisely and vigorously guarded against fraud and mismanagement. No matter how complex the problem, she never gives up until it is resolved.

She demonstrates her persistence and tenacity in her personal life, having finished 24 marathons in 24 states since 2003! If you are as weary of the mismanagement of our tax dollars in the Auditor’s Office as we are, you’ll vote for Terri Porter for Monroe County Auditor on May 3.

Dick and Teresa Lehr