Letter to the editor: Debby Herbenick

Letter: Proud and confident

To the editor:

With pride and confidence, I endorse Rick Dietz for Monroe County commissioner. First, Rick is incredibly honest. He values character and integrity, which are needed in politics at all levels, including here in Monroe County. Second, he has relevant experience. He served four years on the Monroe County Council (two as Vice Chair) and has a proven track record of progressive decisions, working well with colleagues, treating county staff with respect, and addressing complex budgetary issues. Third, Rick will work hard to improve all our lives. He’s a dedicated father, husband and public servant. Rick decided to run for Commissioner to help actively shape the community we love for our daughter, and her generation, and for us all.

Rick is smart. He thinks about new ways for technology to improve our lives. He cares about the earth. And anyone who’s ever seen him tend to bees, water houseplants, or balance a budget knows he pays close attention to details. Mostly, though, he cares a great deal about how people are treated and what our community looks and feels like today and in the future.

If you vote for him, you will feel proud and glad that you did.

Debby Herbenick