Letter to the editor: David Coonce

Letter: Carry on the Legacy

Carry on the legacy

To the editor:

I have known Amanda Barge for nearly twenty years. I first met her working alongside her in a restaurant in the late 1990s. Even then, working a low-paying job with incredible amounts of stress, she struck me as a remarkable person. She was patient, kind, forgiving and calm and, above all, she always advocated for decency and justice and, even more strongly, the city she grew up in and called home.

Over the years our paths have crossed many times in many situations. I am always amazed by her conviction and unyielding optimism in all things. She isn’t a politician; she is a person who understands people. In today’s increasingly polarized world, that is an awesome trait to have. And, most importantly, Amanda has an innate ability to get to the heart of any matter at hand; to discover its essence and figure out solutions. She is a woman of inscrutable integrity, extraordinary humanity, impeccable humility and unbelievable passion. I am proud to be her friend and I know she will be a terrific Commissioner and carry on the legacy of Iris Kiesling with honor.

David E Coonce