Letter to the editor: Dave Rollo

Letter: A progressive

To the editor:

It is clear that Bloomington and Monroe County continue to develop as a bustling community. The community is attractive for a number of reasons, and investment in the local economy in bio-science, various tech industries, tourism and entertainment will continue. This is good news, but also comes with a price. Growth without protecting green spaces, investment in adequate infrastructure and safeguarding essentials such as the source of drinking water, Lake Monroe, will cost the community, rather than benefit it.

Rick Dietz is the candidate for Monroe County commissioner who will work to protect the quality of life in Monroe County as we face development pressures. Rick has worked diligently in county government, and he has the progressive vision to ensure that the community good is served above narrow economic interests. For protection of county green spaces, good quality infrastructure, and a vibrant diverse local economy, vote Rick Dietz for county commissioner Tuesday.

Dave Rollo