Letter to the editor: Dale W. Jones

Letter: Best for the job

To the editor:

No candidate for Monroe County commissioner has more experience and a better understanding of Monroe County government than Rick Dietz. He's truly progressive and well acquainted with the complex ins and outs of local issues.

I met Rick 20 years ago when establishment politicians were heavily swayed by developer interests. Rick has worked to broaden the vision beyond those special interests to include the concerns of all citizens. During Rick’s two decades of service, he has been secretary of the Democratic Party, then vice chair of the party finishing up with a highly successful term as chairman of the Monroe Democratic Party. He served with distinction on the Monroe County Council. What better way to prepare for throwing his hat into the ring as a candidate for the Monroe County commissioners.

Rick knows the history and the complexity of Democratic Party politics and has worked successfully to keep the party united. He is a highly intelligent and gifted statesman who has earned the respect of all those who have been closely associated with important county issues.

When you cast your vote for this year’s primary, please give your support to Rick. Clearly the best for the job!

Dale W. Jones