Letter to the editor: Chris Sturbaum

Letter: Best choice

To the editor:

One candidate for auditor has a degree in accounting and an MBA in management and strategy, is a former auditor with the Defense Contract Audit Agency of the Department of Defense overseeing billions of federal dollars, currently works under the state’s lieutenant governor helping small businesses in Indiana and has enough credits to sit for the CPA exam. That candidate is Kevin Easton.

The Kernan-Shepard Report on local government reform said “too many roles that should require professional qualifications and standards are in fact elected officials.” County jobs like auditor require “technical and professional expertise.” Monroe County has the opportunity to put a skilled, experienced and technically educated professional in the auditor’s office.

Only Kevin Easton has personally done these audits at the federal level, and he has performed related work for the state of Indiana under the lieutenant governor. Only Kevin Easton has the specific education and requisite training and experience to do the job as the Kernan-Shepard Report would have us require. We are hiring an auditor for Monroe County. We have seen the results of existing practices. Shouldn’t we take advantage of this opportunity to hire a fully trained professional auditor this time?

Chris Sturbaum