Letter to the editor: Charlotte Zietlow

Letter: Student of Community

Student of community

To the editor:

I write to support Amanda Barge for Monroe County Commissioner.

The Monroe County commissioners’ job is a complicated one in which three people need to work together to deal with the executive, legislative and quasi-judicial matters crossing their desk daily. Needing three makes it more difficult, but produces results more reflective of a complicated community.

It is not the county equivalent of a mayor.

“Department heads” are elected officials, and not “employees.”

Fiscal management and budgets are the purview of the elected members of the Monroe County Council — their sole duty.

It takes patience, an ability to listen and negotiate, respect for peers, resilience and commitment. It demands constant homework.

Amanda Barge is a new face to politics, but a longtime student of her community. She is raising issues — health care, mental and physical, criminal justice, county employee policies, environmental issues the need for decent jobs, and doing her homework.

Amanda attends the commissioners' work sessions regularly. As a licensed therapist, she has years of experience in listening, problem-solving, paying attention to people. Experience and youth — a refreshing, important combination, to be encouraged.

Voters now are yearning for serious answers to intractable questions. I believe Amanda Barge will help us find them.

Charlotte Zietlow