Letter to the editor: Barbara E. McKinney

Letter: Record 'impressive'

Record 'impressive'

To the editor:

Monroe County Democrats have several good candidates running for county commissioner, but one candidate stands above the rest: Rick Dietz.

Rick knows local government inside and out, having served as a member of the Monroe County Council for four years and having served as a city department head for 11 years. As a county council member, he was a strong leader in encouraging county support for social services, including Planned Parenthood. As a department head, he and his staff have received national recognition for work on open data and digital services. His record of accomplishment is impressive.

Rick approaches problems with thoughtfulness and care. He takes the time to do thorough research and to learn from other communities. He listens to a wide array of viewpoints and treats people with respect and candor. He uses the information he has gathered to help devise solutions appropriate to the unique character of Monroe County. That's refreshing in this era of hyper-partisanship and name-calling.

Rick has lived in Monroe County for more than 25 years. His roots are deep. He is committed to making Monroe County the best it can be. Please join me in supporting Rick Dietz for Monroe County commissioner.

Barbara E. McKinney