Update from Your Chair

I have something important to tell you, but first a brief story:
I was very proud to be a candidate for national delegate in 2012. 
I had these cool stickers made up with "our friend" as the motto just above my name.  Kyla designed the whole thing (she was unopposed in her own delegate race to no surprise).  We reached out to every voting delegate with a personalized letter.  Then, we excitedly shook every hand we could and stickered every chest in sight at a magical state convention in Fort Wayne.  Within just a few weeks, we both were on our way to the national convention to re-nominate President Barack Obama.  That whole summer is a memory of joy, pride, and exhaustion alongside many Democratic friends from diverse walks of life and political beliefs....
Then, I have been equally proud to serve as your party chair these last two years.
With strong candidates leading the way, we not only survived but surpassed the turbulence of 2014. And as a result, we lit a little blue beam of hope for beleaguered Democrats everywhere on election night!  The success of the Monroe County Democratic Party has never been the result of any one person or effort, but instead a combination of individuals working together always upward for the common good of our families, friends and neighbors.  This team of party officers and deputy chairs, precinct leaders, and volunteers keep this very special place close to their heart (and it shows).  We've had smiles and shoulder shrugging along with a few tears.  It has been a humbling privilege to watch all of these process happen, repeatedly, as chair.
In January, Kyla and I will be proud to head to the hospital and, hopefully not long after, bring a little girl home to Perry 5.
This is an exciting moment for our family as we welcome our second daughter.  In addition to being your chair, I also serve in state government as Democratic co-director of the Indiana Election Division and teach a speech course at IUPUI while completing my graduate degree in Communications.  My weeks currently get a bit stretched, just like a lot of you.  A fun new addition to the family will need us home more often than not.  The 2015 election will arrive just about the same time as our daughter, and may need just as much attention but hopefully no diapers.
This long winded narrative indicates that it is the appropriate time for a new chair to be elected by our precinct chairs and vice-chairs and for me to step aside.  Acting with the consultation of your party officers, I have decided to call a party caucus meeting of eligible precinct chairs and vice-chairs on Monday, January 5th at 5:30 p.m. in the Common Council Chambers of Bloomington City Hall.  Notice will be sent to eligible electors according to party rules of at least ten-day notice.  Watch your mailbox and the Dispatch, precinct chairs and vice-chairs. 
At the same time, Anthony Smith, MCDP Treasurer intends to also step aside for other opportunities and challenges in the new year.  We are grateful for his leadership and commitment to our party and wish him well. As a result, both the chair and treasurer offices will be elected and filled on the same evening. 
Information on party officer duties and party rules can be found here: 
Party officers can tell you many other things the rules may not tell you about...
Interested, energetic and motivated candidates may direct a communication of intention to serve as chair or treasurer to Efrat Feferman, MCDP Secretary, no later than 5:30 p.m., Friday, January 2nd through [email protected].  Candidate filings will not be accepted beyond that time and no nomination can be made from the floor.  Candidates are encouraged to prepare a statement for the party Dispatch.  I, and other party leaders, will be fully available and welcome discussion with any interested individuals.  I encourage that very much. 
Finally, in the final spirit of the intentions of my term, I hope that each Democratic member will embrace this moment to have a thoughtful and productive discussion about the future of our party.  Tough work and decisions are just ahead of us and we must rise to that demand and occasion.
I am so grateful to have served as your party chair.  This little townie kid has to pinch himself every once in awhile for the tremendous job you've given me and I appreciate your indulgence of my lengthy communication today.  It's been a true honor, folks.  Thank you.    
Your friend as always,
Trent Deckard
Monroe County Democratic Party