Kate Wiltz - Candidate for Monroe County Council District 2

I’m running for Monroe County Council, District 2 because I want to show my daughters what it means to work at making our world a better place. I want this job so that I can bring my thoughtful and critical approach to the decisions that shape our community - so you know that your tax dollars are being handled by someone who will take the time to evaluate options and generate creative and efficient solutions.

Across Monroe County, there is much to do, for instance:

  • Creating and maintaining safe, accessible routes so that people can get to the places they need to be.

I have seen the positive impact that public transportation, sidewalks and paths, trails and pedestrian-first development can have on communities like ours. This is an issue that, when addressed intentionally and with care, can level the playing field across racial and socio-economic differences.

  • Sustainable management of our natural resources

I’ve worked with landowners as well as agencies at all levels of government on conservation and planning projects. Taking care of our land is taking care of each other.

  • Funding public health services for those affected by addiction.

This is an issue that is disproportionately affecting women, with the rates of heroin use and prescription overdose deaths increasing twice as much in women as men. We need to incorporate innovative, evidence-based approaches that address the root-causes of addiction.

I will bring my experience and skills in project management, strategic planning, and public engagement to the County Council. I will work hard to identify opportunities that augment government programs through partnerships and collaboration.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Kate Wiltz at 812-679-8718 or email at [email protected] .


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