Join Democracy Lab

Democracy Lab is a political incubator for grassroots progressive groups in Monroe County. Our goal is to provide groups with the resources they need to succeed. The Monroe County Democratic Party hopes that this space will create an area of cross-fertilization for the best and most effective ideas and practices. Participating in Democracy Lab does not involve any affiliation with the Democratic Party, but only renting space and services to help accomplish your group’s goals.

Participating organizations have access to the following resources:

  • Key to MCDP headquarters with access to office amenities, computers, and printing equipment.
  • Access to 500 SF Conference room.
  • Mailbox and cabinet to maintain private materials
  • Multimedia support room with guidance from experienced staff in utilizing grassroots communications infrastructure.
  • Online scheduling and networking tools so that participating groups can schedule meetings and share resources.

Cost to use the facilities is $75/month.  Mayor John Hamilton has agreed to contribute $50/month for the first ten organizations who sign on to the project. Thus each organization is asked to contribute $25/month toward the advancement of this project. If this cost is a barrier for your group, please contact us about further sponsorship options.

Organizations who sign up to use the incubating space are expected to:

  • Properly lock up the headquarters after use and maintain the security of items with in.
  • Clean up after meetings and events.
  • Show respect for other organizations and candidates using the space.
  • Not use headquarters or party resources to support the efforts of competing political parties.

If your organization is interested in joining Democracy Lab, please email responses to the following to [email protected]:

  • Name of your organization
  • Purpose of your organization
  • The contact person for your organization and their email and phone number
  • Links to your website and social media page(s), if you have them
  • What does your organization hope to use Democracy Lab for?
    • Board meetings
    • Events
    • The Media Lab
    • MCDP trainings for your members
    • Other (please specify)
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