John Hamilton files for Mayor of Bloomington

Today, John Hamilton filed as a Democratic candidate for the office of Mayor of Bloomington in the upcoming municipal election.  

“I was born in Bloomington, and my wife Dawn Johnsen and I have raised our family here,” said Hamilton. “It would be a great privilege to serve the people of Bloomington as mayor and to help this wonderful, progressive city continue to improve for all of us.” 

“During my entire career I have worked to make government serve everyone better, particularly those with less power. I’ve been dedicated to creating more economic justice and opportunity for all,” Hamilton said.

 “I’ll be an accessible, open-door Mayor, for all the creative and energetic people and institutions of Bloomington, leading a transparent and accountable City Hall to get results. When needed, I’ll take on powerful interests to protect our progressive values, as I’ve done in my career dealing with manufacturers and industry, big banks and insurance companies, developers and government. I have decades of innovative work advancing Democratic values of economic and environmental justice, women’s rights, civil rights, access to health care, and educational opportunity.”

Hamilton has extensive experience in government as well as nonprofit leadership. Under Governor Frank O’Bannon, Hamilton ran the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and the Family and Social Services Administration, and served on several environmentally focused statewide boards. He founded and serves as President of an award-winning nonprofit organization. For two decades Hamilton has led City First Enterprises in advancing economic justice and opportunity, including by providing affordable housing, financing day care centers and health clinics, and working against discrimination in financial services. As a long-time Bloomington resident, Hamilton served as the first chair of Bloomington’s Commission on Sustainability, was an elected member of the MCCSC Board of Trustees, taught government as an adjunct at SPEA, and currently serves as President of the board of the Shalom Community Center.

John’s wife Dawn is a nationally known women’s rights advocate, a professor at the IU Maurer School of Law, and a past senior official in the U.S. Department of Justice.  They have two teenage sons, Matthew a college freshman and Eric a sophomore at Bloomington South High School.

“Our Bloomington is a rare treasure of a community,” Hamilton said.  “I am eager to help lead us forward.” 


 John’s supporters include:

Tomilea Allison

Harmon Baldwin

Jeannine Bell

Kelly Boatman

Clark Brittain

Melanie Castillo-Cullather

Nick Cullather

Flo Davis

Jonathan Elmer

Rob Fischman

Cathy Fuentes-Rohwer

Kim Gray

Betsy Greene

Linda Grove-Paul

Lee Hamilton

Connie Hegarty

Harv Hegarty

Mary Mahern

Alexandra Morphet

David Pace

Beth Piekarsky

Mary Alice Rickert



Steve Sanders

Eric Sandweiss

Lee Sandweiss

Jim Sherman 

Fred Schultz

Caroline Shaw

Janet Stake

Jenny Stevens

Karen Green Stone

Rob Stone

Sue Wanzer


For more information about the campaign and to get involved, go to



John Hamilton

812-327-4311 (cell)

[email protected]



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