Jessica McClellan

Jessica McClellan, Monroe County Treasurer

I am seeking re-election county-wide to serve four more years as tax collector.

It has been a privilege to work for the citizens of Monroe County for the past 4 years. As a homeowner, mobile home owner or business owner, you have probably had an experience with my office. It is my hope that we were responsive to your needs and courteous. Everything we do starts with you, the customer, and your needs are in the forefront of my mind when we make decisions.Here are the things I am most proud of that the Treasurer's Office offers:
  • Online services to help taxpayers pay taxes, research past taxes, print current tax bills, update mailing addresses, and find state forms for their businesses and mobile homes. Try and see how much information is available. 
  • An amazing staff who are all customer service experts. Every staff person is knowledgeable about Indiana laws and taxes thanks to training we provide. All staff answer customer's questions by phone, email, or in person.
  • Extended hours during tax time. We answer emails over the weekend to assist with online payments and other questions. We are open to the public in the evening around tax time so people who have to pay in person can make it to our office after their work hours.
  • Simple and cheap online payment fees. Fees are unavoidable when we process payments online. I am very proud to be working with a company that offers the cheapest fees available to County Treasurers.
  • A bill that explains everything. Everything you need to pay your taxes I painstakingly fit on the back of the bill. Our bill is packed full of information specific to our office and from the state. We love to explain the homestead credit and the 1% circuit breaker credit. And we put payments options, phone numbers for common questions, and extended hours on our bill too.
  • Good stewardship of county money. We distribute all of the tax money to the units on time without issue twice a year. And I balance our banks daily to the county checkbook held by the Auditor. We have received clean audits from the State Board of Accounts each year of my tenure.
I love doing the job of County Treasurer. I would be honored to serve Monroe County for another term. I am on the Board of Directors of the Indiana County Treasurers Association and I look forward to working closely with other Treasurers across the state to address tax collection concerns in the statehouse.

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