HT: Stoffers Announces Campaign Platform

Incumbent Monroe County Commissioner Patrick Stoffers announced his re-election platform as he seeks a fourth term in the office.

Stoffers, a Democrat, said he wants to build a compassionate and caring community, invest in infrastructure and stand strong for equity and equality.

Among his plans is a proposal for a citizen engagement position within the commissioners office during the upcoming budget cycle to provide needed support and coordination on policy matters.

In addition, he hopes to focus on investments that create economic and employment opportunities. This means overcoming two hurdles, he said: improving commuter transit participation and protecting Lake Monroe. Stoffers said that through a partnership with Rural Transit, he wants to improve commuter transit participation and expand options for people who live outside the downtown and the west side of Bloomington, the areas where officials are making targeted investments to create jobs.

In addition, Stoffers said he plans to reach out to the local government officials of the five counties within Lake Monroe’s watershed to convene a regional coalition. He said this would allow them to evaluate opportunities to protect the lake.

Stoffers also mentioned continued support of innovative programs at the county jail and health department.

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