Herald Times Guide to Primaries

Early voting for the primary election begins Tuesday, April 10

Where: Election Central, located at 401 W. Seventh St. near the intersection of Seventh and Madison streets.


• April 10-May 4 (weekdays only): 8 a.m.-6 p.m.

• April 28 and May 5: 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

• May 7: 8 a.m.-noon.

Election Day voting

Where: Full list of precincts and polling places in attached list.

When: Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday, May 8.

How to vote early

Voters interested in casting ballots early this primary season have different options — either in person, by mail or by traveling board if eligible.


• Voters need to provide a valid photo ID, which will be checked. Voters will then be handed a paper ballot and directed to a private voting booth.

• Indiana has an open primary election, so voters will choose between a Democrat or Republican ballot even if they are not registered with a particular party.

• Voters will place an X or a check mark or by filling in the box beside a candidate’s name. When voting is complete, the voter takes the ballot to the eScan machine.


• Voters must meet one of the following requirements: have a disability; be 65 years or older; have a reasonable expectation that they will not be in Monroe County on Election Day; unable to get away from their jobs on Election Day when the polls are open; are confined due to illness or injury or are the caregivers of such a person; are members of the military, public safety officers or poll workers with official election duties outside their precinct.

• Absentee-by-mail voters are not required to show photo ID. Absentee-by-mail applications must be received by county officials by April 30.


• A voter must meet one of the following requirements: expects to be confined due to illness or injury or expects to be caring for a confined person on Election Day; have a disability and believes their polling place is not accessible to them and are physically unable to complete the ballot and sign the affidavit on their own.

• A bipartisan absentee voter board will assist the voter with the ballot. Those who vote absentee-by-traveling board are not required to show a photo ID.

Voter IDs

Registered voters will also be required to show a valid photo ID either at their precinct polling place just as they would at Election Central during early voting. A photo ID must meet four criteria to be acceptable for voting purposes. According to the Indiana Secretary of State Election Division, a valid ID must:

• Display the voter’s photo.

• Display a name that confirms with the voter’s registration record. It does not have to be identical.

• Display an expiration date that is current or expired sometime after the date of the last general election, Nov. 8, 2016.

• Be issued by the state of Indiana or the U.S. government.

In most cases, an Indiana driver’s license, Indiana photo ID card, military ID or U.S. passport is all you need. In addition, a student ID from an Indiana state school may be used if it meets the same criteria. Also acceptable are interim IDs issued by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

A student ID from a private institution may not be used.

Anyone unable or unwilling to present an ID meeting these requirements may vote by casting a provisional ballot. If a provisional ballot is cast, a voter has until noon 10 days after the election to present a valid ID or other necessary documentation for consideration by the county election board.

Who's on the ballot?

Here are the 2018 primary election races that will appear on ballots in Monroe County. Candidates for each Indiana House and Senate district, townships and town races will be listed only on ballots given to voters residing in those districts. Candidates for other offices in each party’s nominating primary will appear on all ballots. This list does not include candidates for precinct-level offices or for state party convention delegates.

There are 16 contested races, 10 on the Democratic ballot and six on the Republican.


U.S. senator

• Joe Donnelly

U.S. House representative, District 9 (pick one)

• Dan Canon

• Rob Chatlos

• Liz Watson

State House representative, District 46

• E. Thomasina Marsili

State House representative, District 60

• Penny Githens

State House representative, District 61

• Matt Pierce

State House representative, District 62

• Amy Swain

County assessor

• Judith A. Sharp

County clerk

• Nicole Browne

County prosecuting attorney (pick one)

• Erika Oliphant

• Margie Rice

• Matt Schulz

County recorder

• Eric Schmitz

County sheriff

• Brad Swain

County commissioner, District 1 (pick one)

• Elizabeth "Lee" Jones

• Patrick Stoffers

County council, District 1

• Shelli Yoder

County council, District 2 (pick one)

• Troy Thomas*

• Jayme Washel

• L. Kate Wiltz

County council, District 4

• Eric Spoonmore

Circuit court judge, Division 2, Seat 2 (pick one)

• Chris Gaal

• Christine Talley Haseman

Circuit court judge, Division 6, Seat 3 (pick one)

• Jeff Kehr

• Catherine Stafford

Circuit court judge, Division 9, Seat 8 (pick one)

• Geoff Bradley

• Darcie L. Fawcett

• Alphonso (Al) Manns

Bean Blossom Township trustee

• Pamela Cook

Benton Township trustee

• Michelle Bright

Bloomington Township trustee

• Kim Alexander

Indian Creek Township trustee

• Beverly Himes

Perry Township trustee

• Dan Combs

Salt Creek Township trustee

• Donn Hall

Bean Blossom Township Board (pick three)

• Vernal Chafin

• Randy Jacobs

• Kelsey McGlocklin

• Benny Walden

Benton Township Board (pick three)

• Brian Crouch

• Joe Husk

• Hans Kelson

• Sean McInerney

Bloomington Township Board (pick three)

• Lorraine Farrell

• Vic Kelson

• Robert Loviscek Jr.

• Barbara McKinney

• Marty Spechler

Indian Creek Township Board

• Rosemary Doherty

• Wayne Sullivan

Perry Township Board

• Jack Davis

• Abbey "Susie" Hamilton

• Barbara Sturbaum

Polk Township Board

• Vic Streiff

Salt Creek Township Board

• Guy Cunningham

Van Buren Township Board

• William E. "Will" Smith III

Washington Township Board

• Patricia Slabach


U.S. senator (pick one)

• Mike Braun

• Luke Messer

• Todd Rokita

U.S. House representative, District 9 (pick one)

• James Dean Alspach

• Trey Hollingsworth

State House representative, District 46

• Bob Heaton

State House representative, District 60

• Peggy Mayfield

State House representative, District 62

• Jeff Ellington

State House representative, District 65

• Chris D. May

County clerk

• Jacob Franklin

County commissioners, District 1

• Larry D. Barker

County council, District 1

• T. Ann Boehm

County council, District 2

• Ann Collins

County council, District 3

• Martha "Marty" Hawk

Bean Blossom Township trustee

• Ed Bitner

Bloomington Township trustee

• Azure Fender

Clear Creek Township trustee

• Thelma Kelley Jeffries

Indian Creek Township trustee (pick one)

• LeAnn Freeman

• Christopher Reynolds

Richland Township trustee

• Marty Stephens

Van Buren Township trustee

• Rita Barrow

Washington Township trustee

• Barbara Ooley

Bean Blossom Township Board

• Vicki L. McGlockin

Bloomington Township Board

• Dawn Allen

Clear Creek Township Board (pick three)

• Jacob (Jake) Bartlett

• Robert Hall II

• Steven Hinds

• Randy May

• Dennis Miller

• John A. Thrasher

Indian Creek Township Board

• Scott Clarke

• Katrina Ladwig

Perry Township Board

• Jennifer Mickel

Richland Township Board

• Marjorie Clouse

• Dawn Durnil

• David Willibey

Van Buren Township Board (pick three)

• Phyllis J. Finley

• Ronnie Pursell

• Mary Rice

• John Wilson

Washington Township Board (pick three)

• Jerry Ayers

• Clayton Brickert

• Kenny Bryant

• Troy Lee Colvin

Ellettsville Town Council, Ward 4 (pick one)

• Kevin Farris

• Dan Swafford

*These candidates have suspended their campaigns, but their names still will appear on the ballot.