Herald Times: Ballot taking shape

Monroe County voters will have more choices this fall when they go to the polls in November.

Both Republicans and Democrats filled a number of ballot vacancies ahead of election deadlines for major political parties.

While local parties hosted caucuses last week to select candidates for some positions, party chairmen rounded out the ballot with a few more candidates by the noon Tuesday deadline to file all necessary ballot paperwork.

Six Democrats will be added to the ballot, primarily at the township race level, that weren’t on the May primary ballot. This includes Democrat Lee Chapman to run in the Washington Township Board race. He will be joining fellow Democrat Patricia Slabach, who was included in the May primary. They will face Republicans Jerry Ayers, Kenny Bryant and Troy Lee Colvin in November. That race now also has independent candidate Paul Toddy. The six candidates are vying for one of the three available seats.

Outside of township races, Democrats also found a candidate for the Ellettsville Town Council Ward 5 seat. Democrat Todd Lare will run against Republican Pam Samples in November. Democrat Ashley Pirani was tapped during a caucus to challenge longtime Republican incumbent Marty Hawk on the Monroe County Council. Hawk has held that seat since 1998.

Republicans have fielded eight new candidates since the May primary either by caucus or appointment. In addition to filling a number of township positions, local Republicans tapped attorney and veteran Kevin Weldon to run for one of the three circuit court judge positions on the ballot. As the only GOP judicial candidate this November, Weldon will challenge Democrat Darcie Fawcett for the Circuit Court Judge, Seat 8.

Republican Steve Hogan, and former county GOP chair, was picked to run for a position on the Salt Creek Township board. He will be on the ballot in November with Democrats Guy Cunningham and Joan Hall. Republican Nelson Shaffer will also run for Bloomington Township board. Shaffer will join Republican Dawn Allen in the race against Democrats Lorrain Merriman Farrell, Barbara McKinney and Marty Spechler in November.

One candidate, Jay Thrasher filed as an Independent candidate for Richland Township board, but did not have enough signatures to be placed on the ballot. Election officials say he plans to appeal.

“I think we got an excellent slate of candidates from the congressional to township level,” Monroe County Democratic Party Chair Mark Fraley said earlier this week

Fraley said local Democrats are looking forward to maintaining its strong Democratic leadership within Monroe and to win back some state and federal positions.

Monroe County Republican Chairman William Ellis said GOP officials are ready to chip away at the perceived Democratic stronghold. Ellis said he is really pleased with this year’s slate of Republican candidates, describing them as experienced and very qualified candidates.

There are still uncontested races for both parties in Monroe County.

Election Day is Nov. 6.

2018 General Election: A look at who’s on the ballot

U.S. Senate

Joe Donnelly (D)*

Nathan Altman (write-in, independent)

Mike Braun (R)

Lucy M. Brenton (L)

Christopher Fischer (write-in, independent)

James L. Johnson Jr. (write-in, other)

Secretary of State

Connie Lawson(R)*

Jim Harper (D)

Jeremy Heath (write-in, Pirate Party)

Mark W. Rutherford (L)

George William Wolfe (write-in, Green Party)

Auditor of State

Tera Klutz(R)*

John Schick (L)

Joselyn Whitticker (D)

Treasurer of State

Kelly Mitchell (R)*

John Aguilera (D)

United States Representative, District 9

Trey Hollingsworth (R)*

Liz Watson (D)

State Representative District 46

Bob Heaton (R)*

E. Thomasina Marsili (D)

State Representative District 60

Peggy Mayfield (R)*

Penny Githens (D)

State Representative District 61

Matt Pierce (D)*

No GOP candidate

State Representative District 62

Jeff Ellington (R)*

Amy Swain (D)

State Representative District 65

Chris D. May (R)*

Jared Stancombe (D)

Circuit Court Judge Division 2, Seat 2

Christine Talley Haseman (D)

No GOP candidate

Circuit Court Judge, Division 6, Seat 3

Catherine Stafford (D)

No GOP candidate

Circuit Court Judge, Division 9, Seat 8

Darcie L. Fawcett (D)

Kevin Weldon (R)

Prosecuting Attorney

Erika Oliphant (D)

No GOP candidate

County Clerk

Nicole Browne (D)*

Jacob Franklin (R)

County Recorder

Eric Schmitz (D)*

Hal Turner (R)

County Sheriff

Brad Swain (D)*

No GOP candidate

County Assessor

Judith A. Sharp (D)*

No GOP candidate

County Commissioner District 1

Larry Barker (R)

Lee Jones (D)

County Council District 1

Shelli Yoder (D)*

Ann Boehm (R)

County Council District 2

Ann Collins (R)

Kate Wiltz (D)

County Council District 3

Marty Hawk (R)*

Ashley Pirani (D)

County Council District 4

Eric Spoonmore (D)*

No GOP candidate

Bean Blossom Township trustee

Pamela Cook (D)*

Ed Bitner (R)

Bean Blossom Township Board (pick 3)

Debra Hutson (R)

Ron Hutson (R)

Randy Jacobs (D)

Kelsey McGlocklin (D)

Vicki L. McGlockin (R)

Benny Walden (D)

Benton Township trustee

Michelle Bright (D)*

No GOP Candidate

Benton Township Board (pick 3)

Joe Husk (D)

Hans Kelson (D)

Sean McInerney (D)

Lynn Stevens (R)

Bloomington Township trustee

Kim Alexander (D)

Azure Fender (R)

Bloomington Township Board (pick 3)

Dawn Allen (R)

Lorraine Merriman Farrell (D)

Barbara McKinney (D)

Marty Spechler (D)

Nelson Shaffer (R)

Clear Creek Township trustee

Thelma Kelley Jeffries (R)*

No Democrat candidate

Clear Creek Township Board (pick 3)

Robert Hall II (R)

Randy May (R)

John A. Thrasher (R)

No Democrat candidate

Indian Creek Township trustee

Beverly Himes (D)

Christopher Reynolds (R)

Indian Creek Township Board (pick 3)

Scott Clarke (R)

Rosemary Doherty (D)

Katrina Ladwig (R)

Wayne Sullivan (D)

Roger Taylor (R)

Perry Township trustee

Dan Combs (D)*

No GOP Candidate

Perry Township Board (pick 3)

Jack Davis (D)

Susie Hamilton (D)

Jennifer Mickel (R)

Barbara Sturbaum (D)

Scott Tibbs (R)

Polk Township Trustee

Chris Spiek (R)*

No Democratic candidate

Polk Township Board

David Hollars (R)

Woody Kilmer (D)

Vic Streiff (D)

Richland Township trustee

Marty Stephens (R)*

No Democratic candidate

Richland Township Board (pick 3)

Marjorie Clouse (R)

Dawn Durnil (R)

David Willibey (R)

No Democratic candidate

Salt Creek Township trustee

Donn Hall (D)*

No GOP candidate

Salt Creek Township Board (pick 3)

Guy Cunningham (D)

Joan Hall (D)

Steve Hogan (R)

Van Buren Township trustee

Rita Barrow (R)*

No Democratic candidate

Van Buren Township Board (pick 3)

Ronnie Pursell (R)

Mary Rice (R)

William “Will” E. Smith III (D)

John Wilson (R)

Washington Township trustee

Barbara Ooley (R)*

No Democratic candidate

Washington Township Board (pick 3)

Jerry Ayers (R)

Kenny Bryant (R)

Lee Chapman (D)

Troy Lee Colvin (R)

Patricia Slabach (D)

Paul Toddy (I)

Ellettsville Town Council, Ward 4

Dan Swafford (R)

No Democratic candidate

Ellettsville Town Council, Ward 5

Todd Lare (D)

Pam Samples (R)