Health Care Reform - Democracy for America Meeting

Healthcare Reform At a Crossroads 

(Link-up is this Wednesday at  Sweet Grass Restaurant)

It seems when you read about the Affordable Care Act, it is either lauded as the best thing to happen to healthcare since Medicare or an absolute disaster. We are now, due to the election of Donald Trump, at a watershed moment on the subject of Healthcare Reform . Progressives need to be organized and active in the process of reforming Healthcare as it takes shape in the Trump administration. Democracy for Monroe County would like to offer three perspectives from three individuals that have been a part of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Let us look back a little on the ACA. And let us look forward, since progressives need to speak with a united voice on this topic in order to be most effective in influencing what shape this reform takes in a country that is deeply divided on this topic. 

The first panelist is Dr. Rob Stone, who leads a group of activists in Indiana called Hoosiers for a Common Sense Health Plan. He is also an emergency room doctor. So he has some first hand knowledge of how healthcare reform has changed healthcare on the ground. He has very detailed and informed opinions on what direction this next year's version of healthcare reform should take. 

The second person is I, Rob Deppert. I have been certified as a health insurance broker since the first day that the Affordable Care Act has been available. I realize that there are some pitfalls to putting yourself on a panel when you run an organization. But I have maintained a client base on these But I have maintained a client base on these plans from the start, and would like to offer my perspective as someone who has been in the field, signing people up for coverage from day one of this program. I would like to tell the story of how I have seen the Healthcare Reform process manipulated by America's insurance industry.

Finally, we are inviting a Navigator to offer their perspective and advice on enrolling. We would also really like as many folks that have been on marketplace coverage as possible to come and participate. We are being treated to a lot of stories of doom and gloom, of large premium increases and carriers leaving the market. It's obvious with the advent of a Trump administration coming into power in Washington that there will be reform of healthcare. We should be informed on this topic. 

This meeting will take place we in the separate bar area of Sweet Grass which will be reserved for us.Over the years, we have had many complaints about the service at Bobby's Colorado Steakhouse. This will limit us to a 21 and older rule on who can attend this event. It will also be half price wine night!!! So come out and enjoy a night with your favorite progressives at the DFMC. Have a glass of wine, a beer, and some great food. See you there.

P.S.  Big bonus for Wednesday night, it is half price glass of wine night at Sweetgrass. Let us have a conversation, a beer (or half price glass of wine), good food, or appetizers with Bloomington's favorite Progressives.