Hamilton Launches Campaign Platform



Hamilton said, "This election is about who can offer the best vision and strategies to address the challenges of job creation, affordable housing, and quality education, and which candidate can best help Bloomington realize its full potential." Hamilton added, "My platform offers progressive and workable ideas to move the city forward while protecting Bloomington's unique way of life."

Key elements of Hamilton's platform include:

1) Creating Sustainable Jobs. John will lead a full-court press to create sustainable new jobs encouraging an entrepreneurial economy based on innovation and creativity. That means establishing progressive policies and approaches that encourage local entrepreneurs, including investing in city-wide broadband to cut business costs, providing loans and infrastructure to local small businesses, and working to develop our downtown tech park.

2) Ensuring Bloomington is an Affordable Place to Live. We must address our lack of affordable housing head on. For Bloomington to maintain its unique character, it must be affordable to people of all backgrounds and life approaches. As mayor, John will implement permanent affordability requirements, make homeownership a reality to Bloomington residents, and work with organizations fighting to end homelessness.

3) Champion Our Public Schools. John believes it is part of the mayor's job to champion education, particularly at this time of unprecedented assault and challenges, and he will provide strong leadership in protecting and improving our public schools. John will help create a stronger environment that supports better schools and student achievement by focusing city services and resources. And, John will be a fierce advocate for parents, students, and our public school teachers and administrators to protect public schools from destructive Republican policies.

4) Open Government and Promoting Democratic Engagement. As mayor, John will be committed to transparency that gives the public access to the city, online, and in person. John will throw open the doors of City Hall by holding regular town hall meetings, neighborhood and online forums and full disclosing publicly available information. And John will help give citizens a direct voice with participatory budgeting, which will allow residents, through a democratic voting process to decide how some of the city's funds that affect their neighborhoods will be spent.

5) Protecting Bloomington’s unique Aesthetic. In keeping with Bloomington’s distinction as one of “American’s most beautiful cities”, John will make sure that the city enacts and enforces stricter guidelines on future development by closing damaging loopholes, and protecting our downtown from inappropriate development.

John Hamilton is a life-long Democrat and progressive activist. Hamilton was appointed by Governor Frank O’Bannon to lead two state agencies, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, both of which were cited for innovation and quality management. As director of the Family and Social Services Administration, Hamilton managed over 10,000 employees and a six billion dollar budget and increased internal audits by 50% to reduce waste and fraud. He also founded a non-profit, City First Enterprises, to promote and finance community development.


For more information contact John Hamilton at (812) 327-4311