Gubernatorial Candidates Talk Issues

INDIANAPOLIS — For the first time, gubernatorial candidates Democrat John Gregg, Republican Lt. Gov. Eric Holcomb and Libertarian Rex Bell took the stage together Sunday at Indianapolis’ Central Library to discuss issues regarding public transit, school choice vouchers and recent perceived police violence.

Public transit

Infrastructure in the Hoosier state could make a leap toward more mass transit if voters find it a pressing issue.

Under Gregg’s administration, $3.2 billion would be added to the state’s current infrastructure program. He would use 40 percent of the money on roads and bridges, while 60 percent would go to adding more mass transit and expanding broadband access.

“All large cities need ways to get people to and from work, to and from entertainment and a way to travel safely across the state,” Gregg said.

Like Gregg, Holcomb said mass transit can be an asset, but Holcomb thinks that issue should be left up to the voters.

“Mass transit is one of those investments where citizens have to decide if this is what they want,” Holcomb said.

But Bell said mass transit is not cost efficient, and therefore he does not support it.

School choice vouchers

Gov. Mike Pence advocated for expanding the school choice program, a move that both Holcomb and Bell both support.

“Parents ought to have the final say to where they are able to send their child,” Holcomb said.

Gregg, however, wants to prioritize improving the current system so that students receive a quality education regardless of where they attend.

“It needs to be about education, about the students,” he said