Gabe Colman Candidate Statement


I am native of Bloomington with 9 years experience as a street level  small business owner. I am inspired to run for city council because I believe that local government is going to have to take specific, proactive steps in the near future, and my history and experience can help grow the city as it needs to, while maintaining the vibrant and divers spirit that keeps our community unique.

We need:

-creative thinking and new strategies for addressing the needs of our vulnerable citizens

-Consider developing new streams of Revenue in order to support the social services and affordable housing that we talk about wanting to have.

-Need to solidify a strong foundation with our County government, so that we can have a stronger foundation with our state government, because a number of the obstacles we will face in the next three years will require us to work closely together.

For these reasons, I feel my background in the creative arts, paired with my humanitarian experiences as Rotarian and my relationship as a consensus builder make me an ideal candidate for City Council, and I ask you for your support.

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