Four Freedoms Circle



In January 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt first spoke of the FOUR FREEDOMS in his state of the Union address. He proposed four fundamental freedoms that people everywhere in the world should enjoy:

Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Worship
Freedom From Want
Freedom From Fear

Our belief in the Four Freedoms is fundamental to our identity as Democrats.  In much the same way, our sustaining donors – those who choose to support the Monroe County Democratic Party through ongoing, monthly gifts – are fundamental to the work we do every single day.  When you choose to make monthly gifts through ActBlue, you provide critical support for the infrastructure, space, and staff on which we rely in all our work.

Monthly Gift

Giving Level


For The Millions


New Deal


Franklin & Eleanor


Safeguard of Democracy

“For the Millions” donors ($25/month)
Phil and Elaine Amerson
Ruth Aydt
Dion Baker
Sarah Bauerle Danzman
Richard Bauman & Beverly Stoeltje
Nicole Browne
Sarah Bruner
Jean Capler
Dan Combs
Cathi Crabtree
Jennifer Crossley
Trent & Kyla Cox Deckard
Susan & Doug Davis
Penny Githens
Kaisa Goodman & Nico Sigler
David G. Henry
Don & Carol-Anne Hossler
Peter Iversen & Leah Sinn Iversen
Jeff & Kim Kehr
Connie & Guy Loftman
Jessica McClellan
Apple Muncy
Ashley Pirani
Eric Schmitz
Fred Schultz
Sue Sgambelluri
William Smith
Brad & Amy Swain
Christine Talley Haseman
Julie Thomas
Sue Wanzer & Melanie Payne
Carol Wilson
John Zody

"New Deal” donors ($50/month)
Lorraine Merriman Farrell
John Hamilton & Dawn Johnsen
Lee Jones
Angie Purdie
Judy Sharp
Jim & Doris Sims
Catherine & Larry Smith
Catherine Stafford
Mark Stoops
Shelli Yoder & Josh Perry

“Franklin and Eleanor” donors ($75/month)
Betsy Greene
Geoff McKim


“Safeguard of Democracy” donors
This GOP administration’s trampling of the tenets of our democracy is the ideal time to become a Safeguard of Democracy donor.