What does MCDP stand for?


1) Monroe County Democratic Party (of Indiana)

2) Truth, justice and the America way.

Where is MCDP Headquarters located?


Our Headquarters is located across Sounth College Ave from the Convention Center.  It's in a big white house.  Our street address is

Monroe County Democratic Party
627 N. Morton St.
Bloomington, IN 47404

Here is our Headquarters in Google Maps

Why the rooster in your logo?


The rooster is the official symbol of the Democratic Party in many states including Indiana.  You may recall seeing it on paper ballots next to the option to vote a straight Democratic ticket, which we highly encourage, by the way! The use of the rooster as a symbol for the Democratic Party started right here in Indiana.  Despite the more commonplace use of the Donkey as a symbol, only the rooster has been officially adopted.  We think it is a nice connection to our Party's history.

Here are some additional resources for more information:


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