Erika Oliphant - Monroe County Prosecutor





Erika Oliphant is seeking the office of Prosecuting Attorney.  Oliphant is an experienced prosecutor committed to community safety, compassionate justice, and constitutional values.  She believes that justice is equal treatment and compassion, and it makes our community safer for everyone.

Oliphant grew up on an organic farm in Versailles, where her grandfather used horse-drawn equipment and sold produce on the front lawn.  She moved to Bloomington nineteen years ago and fell in love with the community.  She studied at Jacobs School of Music, where she continued to work as a stage electrician after receiving her undergraduate degree.  In 2006, she enrolled in Maurer School of Law.  During law school, she served as Student Director for Protective Order Project and Executive Symposium Editor for Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies.  She interned at Middle Way House, Indiana Legal Services, and the Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. 

Currently a deputy prosecuting attorney, Oliphant has served Monroe County for over eight years, handling everything from traffic infractions to murder.  She has represented the State of Indiana in numerous jury trials and countless other courtroom appearances.  She served on the Drug Treatment Court team for five years, and she also served on the Veterans’ Treatment Court and Re-Entry Court teams.  She has established a reputation in the criminal justice community for being knowledgeable and level-headed.

As prosecuting attorney, Oliphant will work to eliminate cash bail by improving our pretrial release program.  Cash bail is especially hard on low-income individuals and does more harm than good among nonviolent offenders.

Oliphant will treat addiction as a public health issue.  We must continue to build up our treatment courts and increase opportunities for diversion.  People facing petty criminal charges as a result of addiction do not belong in jail.  During her years on the treatment court teams, Oliphant studied best practices for getting and keeping addicted people out of the criminal justice system for good.  She aims to nourish those best practices here through collaboration with other agencies and stakeholders.

Oliphant will focus resources on violent offenses that pose the greatest risk to our personal safety.  Effective prosecution of violent crime requires criminal trial experience and training.

Oliphant has the experience, education, and foundational knowledge, as well as the necessary leadership skills, to address important issues in our community.  Please join her as an advocate for a more just and safe Monroe County.


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