Statement of Candidacy for Rick Dietz for Monroe County Council District 4

I am pleased to announce that I am running in the Democratic Primary for Monroe County Council District 4.  I have served on the Council for over 2 years.  I believe this experience, plus my years of community and Democratic Party service (including serving as Monroe County Democratic Party Chair), practical campaign experience, dedication and energy make me a worthy candidate for Monroe County Council District 4.

I am a liberal and a progressive Democrat.  I believe that government can and should be an active partner with people’s movements, citizen groups and engaged individuals to craft a more just, humane and fair society.  I am concerned about our community and its future and I want to work with you to make it the best community that we can. I'd like to continue that work on the Monroe County Council as the representative for District 4.

The County Council is the fiscal body of County government and its work focuses largely on the County’s budget.  But a budget isn't an abstract mathematical formula; it’s an articulation of values.  It's a human document with real human impact, especially in a time of continuing economic challenge.  The budget is how County government commits to sustain and improve the quality of life in our community and how we turn our collective public aspirations into action.

While serving on the Council for the past two years I am proud to have…

  • Established Monroe County’s Conservation Non-reverting Fund, one the first of such funds in any county government.  The fund routes savings from conservation efforts and solar energy tax credits for reinvestment in further conservation efforts.
  • Contributed constructively to two budget processes.
  • Funded strategic investments in new County buildings and the joint Bloomington-Monroe County 911 Dispatch Center.
  • Served as President Pro tempore (vice president) of the Council in 2013.
  • Served on a number of boards and commissions including the Environmental Quality and Sustainability Commission, the Bloomington Economic Development Corporation, Downtown Bloomington, Inc., and more.

If I am elected to continue in office, my goals are to…

  • Promote a healthy and diverse local economy that encourages local entrepreneurs and living wage jobs.
  • Promote an energy-efficient and environmentally sound county government, building on the new conservation non-reverting fund.
  • Improve openness and transparency of government operations and budgeting.
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of county government operations with appropriate attention to the dignity and value of county staff.
  • Encourage constructive partnerships between governments, not-for-profit, Indiana University, local schools, and the private sector to improve the quality of life for all Monroe County residents.
  • To help those in our community that need help the very most.

I am running to bring my hard work, technical skills, experience, creativity and compassion to the Monroe County Council. I look forward to engaging with the community throughout the campaign and I am asking for your vote.

-Rick Dietz

Candidate for Monroe County Council District 4

[email protected]