Democrats to highlight importance of Latino vote

Democrat Lorenzo Arredondo, a Lake County Circuit Judge running for attorney general, will join Monroe County activists to emphasize the importance of the Latino vote in the current election.

The group will gather outside Election Central, 401 W. Seventh St., at noon Wednesday before casting their votes together for the general election.

“Republicans have turned Latinos into a punching bag for political gain,” Daniel Soto, long-time Latino activist in Monroe County, said in a press release.

Soto added Republicans’ divisive rhetoric “has served as a strong unifying factor for Latinos and a motivator for us to get out the vote.”

Arredondo is a co-founder of the Hispanic National Bar Association, a former deputy prosecutor and current Lake County Circuit Judge. If elected, he will be the first Latino to hold the office of Indiana attorney general in the state’s history.

“Judge Arredondo is a proud advocate for voting rights in Indiana,” Monroe County Democratic Party Chairman Mark Fraley said in a statement. “His voice is an important one in an a year in which the integrity of our election system is attacked by partisan demagogues.”

Soto, who helps register voters and encourage civic participation, noted the effect of this election on Latino voters.

“I helped a lady who has lived in this country for forty years but never voted, but last week she came down and cast her ballot. It was her way of simply saying NO to racism, NO to xenophobia, and YES to America.” Soto said in a statement. “We are all America and we all love this country.”