Herald Times: Democrats face crowded primary, with dozen contested races

Local Democrats will have some tough choices to make during the upcoming primary election, with a dozen contested races expected on this year's ballot — several more than the contested races for Republicans.

The filing deadline to declare candidacy for a race in the primary was on Friday. In addition, candidates have until Monday to withdraw their candidacy.

Monroe County Democratic Party Chairman Mark Fraley said he thinks the party has a tremendous group of highly qualified and diverse candidates.

"Democratic voters are going to have some tough choices to make," Fraley said. "I think locally, we have got candidates that are able to appeal to the passion of progressive voters in Bloomington."

Some of the contested races include Indiana's 9th Congressional District, county prosecuting attorney, all open judge positions, county commissioner District 1, county council District 2 and several township boards.

Across the aisle, local Republicans do not have nearly as many contested races in this year's primary.

"Republicans are pretty much united around the candidates," Monroe County Republican Party Chairman William Ellis said.

He said many of those on the ballot so far are just seeking a chance to get into a position to address what they see as elected officials ignoring the public for the past four to six years.

Of the contested races on the Republican side, Ellis said the Clear Creek Township board race was a surprise — with six candidates. Other races include those for the boards in Washington and Van Buren townships. Also, the Republican primary for U.S. senator has three declared candidates.

Here is a list of the races candidates have filed for. Candidates also filed for state convention delegate and precinct committee positions, but those candidates are not included in this list.


U.S. senator

• Joe Donnelly

U.S. House representative, District 9

• Dan Canon

• Rob Chatlos

• Liz Watson

State House representative, District 46

• E. Thomasina Marsili

State House representative, District 60

• Penny Githens

State House representative, District 61

• Matt Pierce

State House representative, District 62

• Amy Swain

County assessor

• Judith Sharp

County clerk

• Nicole Browne

County prosecuting attorney

• Erika Oliphant

• Margie Rice

• Matthew Schulz

County recorder

• Eric T. Schmitz

County sheriff

• Brad Swain

County commissioner, District 1

• Lee Jones

• Patrick Stoffers

County council, District 1

• Shelli Yoder

County council, District 2

• Troy Thomas

• Jayme Washel

• L. Kate Wiltz

County council, District 4

• Eric Spoonmore

Circuit court judge, Division 2, Seat 2

• Chris Gaal

• Christine Talley Haseman

Circuit court judge, Division 6, Seat 3

• Jeff Kehr

• Catherine Stafford

Circuit court judge, Division 9, Seat 8

• Geoffrey Bradley

• Darcie L. Fawcett

• Alphonso Manns

Bean Blossom Township trustee

• Pamela Cook

Benton Township trustee

• Michelle Bright

Bloomington Township trustee

• Kim Alexander

Indian Creek Township trustee

• Beverly Himes

Perry Township trustee

• Dan Combs

Salt Creek Township trustee

• Donn Hall

Bean Blossom Township Board

• Vernal Chafin

• Randy Jacobs

• Kelsey McGlocklin

• Benny Walden

Benton Township Board

• Brian Crouch

• Joseph Husk

• Hans Kelson

• Sean McInerney

Bloomington Township Board

• Lorraine Farrell

• Victor Kelson

• Robert Loviscek Jr.

• Barbara McKinney

• Marty Spechler

Indian Creek Township Board

• Rosemary Doherty

• Wayne Sullivan

Perry Township Board

• Jack Davis

• Abbey "Susie" Hamilton

• Barbara Sturbaum

Polk Township Board

• Vic Streiff

Salt Creek Township Board

• Guy Cunningham

Van Buren Township Board

• William E. Smith III

Washington Township Board

• Patricia Slabach


U.S. senator

• Mike Braun

• Luke Messer

• Todd Rokita

U.S. House representative, District 9

• James Dean Alspach

• Trey Hollingsworth

State House representative, District 46

• Bob Heaton

State House representative, District 60

• Peggy Mayfield

State House representative, District 62

• Jeff Ellington

State House representative, District 65

• Chris D. May

County clerk

• Jacob Franklin

County commissioners, District 1

• Larry D. Barker

County council, District 1

• T. Ann Boehm

County council, District 2

• Ann Collins

County council, District 3

• Martha "Marty" Hawk

Bean Blossom Township trustee

• Ed Bitner

Bloomington Township trustee

• Azure Fender

Clear Creek Township trustee

• Thelma Kelley Jeffries

Indian Creek Township trustee

• LeAnn Freeman

• Christopher Reynolds

Richland Township trustee

• Marty Stephens

Van Buren Township trustee

• Rita Barrow

Washington Township trustee

• Barbara Ooley

Bean Blossom Township Board

• Vicki L. McGlockin

Bloomington Township Board

• Dawn Allen

Clear Creek Township Board

• Jacob Bartlett

• Robert Hall II

• Steve Hinds

• Randy May

• Dennis Miller

• John A. Thrasher

Indian Creek Township Board

• Scott Clarke

• Katrina Ladwig

Perry Township Board

• Jennifer Mickel

Richland Township Board

• Marjorie Clouse

• Dawn Durnil

• David Willibey

Van Buren Township Board

• Phyllis J. Finley

• Ronnie Pursell

• Mary Rice

• John Wilson

Washington Township Board

• Jerry Ayers

• Clayton Brickert

• Kenny Bryant

• Troy Lee Colvin

Ellettsville Town Council, Ward 4

• Kevin Farris

• Dan Swafford