Democratic Organizations


Caucus and auxiliary organizations provide a voice within the Party for otherwise marginalized groups. Long serving as the bedrock of activism within the Democratic Party, these organizations promote the issues and causes important to their respective group members. Caucus and auxiliary organizations inform, educate, and motivate voters of their respective groups to get out the vote for candidates who will support or champion their causes.

In Monroe County, some Caucuses and Auxiliary Party Organizations are PACs that endorse and contribute to candidate campaigns.
The following are Auxiliary Party Organizations of the Monroe County Democratic Party and Indiana Democratic Party, active in Greater Bloomington as of 2022.

Democratic Women’s Caucus

The Democratic Women's Caucus Mission: To fund, inspire, recruit, support, and train progressive women to increase the numbers of women in the electoral process and in elected and appointed positions. The Democratic Women's Caucus meets on the first Friday of every month at 8:00 for breakfast. All Progressive-minded individuals are welcome to attend.

Indiana Democratic Party

The Indiana Democratic Party is the official arm of the Democratic Party in Indiana. Let's work together to elect Democratic candidates at every level of government.

Indiana Latino Democratic Caucus, Ninth District 

The INLDC-9th District seeks to encourage and facilitate active participation, of all Latinos living in the 9th District, in democratic processes and activities.     

Indiana Ninth District Disability Caucus 

The mission of the INDDC is to advocate for and actively include people with disabilities in the ninth district. 

Indiana Young Democrats of Monroe County

Indiana Young Democrats of Monroe County (IYDMC) is a chapter of the premier youth-led grassroots political organization in the state of Indiana. As the official youth caucus of the Indiana Democratic Party, Indiana Young Democrats (IYD) is a voting member of the Indiana State Central Committee. IYDMC membership dues are $15 annually for and is open to all Indiana Democrats age 14-35. You can submit dues and join the Monroe County chapter at For more information, please feel free to reach out at [email protected]

Indiana University College Democrats

The IU College Democrats is dedicated to promoting the Democratic Party platform, involving IU students in the Democratic Party, and to electing Democratic to local, state, and federal offices. You can find the IUCD's at Office 574, Student Activities Tower of the IMU. 

Contact: [email protected]


Monroe County Black Democratic Caucus                       

The Monroe County Black Democratic Caucus (MCBDC) is dedicated to the empowerment   of African Americans in the planning, decision making, and overall progress of the Democratic Party and the promotion of African American candidates seeking public office within Monroe County. The MCBDC meets the third Thursday of each month


Monroe County Democrats’ Club

The Monroe County Democrats Club MCDC meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month (except December) from 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. Location, speakers, and program subjects vary. 


Ninth District Democratic Party

The Ninth District Democratic Party is the official arm of the Indiana Democratic Party for the Ninth Congressional District of Indiana.

Stonewall Democrats of South Central Indiana

The tri-part mission of SD-SCI is:
1) recruit and support LGBTQI+ persons in order to increase the number of Democratic LGBTQI+ persons in elected and appointed positions;
2) increase the participation of LGBTQI+ persons in the political process;
3) advocate for Democratic candidates, policies and legislation that promote the social welfare and civil equality of sexual and gender minorities.

Contact[email protected]