College Dems at IU Endorse Hillary Clinton

Wearing a blue “H” sticker and calling Donald Trump the most “unfit and underqualified candidate to ever run” for president, junior and IU Democrats President Terry Tossman made it clear who the organization would be supporting from the very start of last night’s callout meeting.

College Democrats at IU adopts the Democratic party’s platform and endorses its official candidates, Tossman said. This means the organization will support Hillary Clinton in the general election.


Tossman, who is voting for Clinton, was a Bernie Sanders supporter during the primaries. He said the candidates’ similar stances, paired with Clinton’s experience, has now made him an eager voter for the current Democratic nominee.

He said he would not be personally endorsing her if he did not truly believe his organization had made the right choice.

“Democrats agree on various things, and it’s easy to support a candidate,” Tossman said.

Sophomore Sydney Imes had a view similar to Tossman’s.

Imes, a transfer student, was drawn to the IU Democrats meeting because of the upcoming election, she said.

As another previous Sanders supporter, she said she will be voting for Clinton in November.

“I think she’ll do better than Trump, which is all I can ask,” Imes said.