Chamber of Commerce Questionnaire: Kevin Enright

What are your qualifications to serve as surveyor of our county? 

Civil Engineering School, IUPUI; GIS mapping, Indiana University: Survey Technician Certificate, National Society of Professional Surveyors. Sixteen years experience as County Surveyor. 

As mandated, the surveyor serves as an ex officio member of the county planning commission. What plans do you have for evaluating and managing the potential impacts of future growth throughout the urbanizing area of Monroe County? 

The county surveyor is a full member on the  Plan Commission,  the only seat voters elect directly to this nine member board. Participation in creating the 2016 Monroe County Urbanizing Plan is critical for locating appropriate infrastructure in optimal growth areas.

In addition to serving as an ex officio member of the county planning commission, the surveyor also serves as an ex officio on the county drainage board. How will you identify and prioritize existing storm water problems and improving of roadside drainage? 

Duties on the Drainage Board are critical in decisions affecting property owners. Also pertinent has been my role as president of the Storm Water Management Board since 2008. Adopting the 2016 Storm Water Long Range Plan will prioritize spending $12 million for community water projects for the next 20 years. 

What is the single most important issue you see that the surveyor’s office needs to address, and how will you resolve it? 

Integrating emerging technologies into county government is a huge challenge. GPS surveying and GIS mapping were obscure topics when I started 20 years ago. Both are nearly household terms today. The shifting changes over the next 20 years will be as great as the last two decades.