Chamber of Commerce Questionnaire: Jessica McClellan

How do you view the state of the county’s revenue and financial situations and where can improvements be made?

Monroe County Government is working hard to address challenges we continue to face from state and local funding sources to create a sustainable revenue stream for county operations. The Treasurer, as caretaker of county funds, holds critical information about the balance of our bank accounts.  I will ensure that three key improvements are made. First, I will examine the process used to balance county accounts and strengthen the accountability of public spending.  Second, as Treasurer I will create a new environment of collaborative communication and information sharing. Third, I have a thorough understanding of the property assessment formula and the implication of the assessment on tax bills. I will apply this knowledge to provide superior customer service to tax payers.

What is the single most important issue you see that the Treasurer’s office needs to address, and how will you resolve it?

My goal is to earn the public’s trust. There are a number of internal challenges faced in the Treasurer’s Office that must be addressed before we can be successful in rebuilding the public’s trust in local government. I am committed to improving the professionalism of the office. I will collaborate with local leaders and the Indiana County Treasurer’s Association to improve staff training. I will insist on better quality control and transparency measures. I will foster a new culture of cooperation within our department to work with other departments on shared goals. I will focus on serving the public and being answerable to the public about financial information. 

What are your qualifications to serve as the treasurer of the county?

I am a deputy Assessor. I have in-depth understanding of the backbone of property taxes- assessed value. My daily work consists of meeting with taxpayers and evaluating their property to explain why their assessed value went up or down. I also work with the state to review reports and analyze data for compliance with professional standards. I work in collaboration with the Auditor and Treasurer to keep our data integrated and accurate. I have experience managing components of large projects in my previous role of Commissioner’s Office Manager. I am honored to be a Hoosier Hills Food Bank board member and finance committee member. I take the role of tax collector very seriously and I will treat every taxpayer equally and with respect.