County Central Committee

The Monroe County Democratic Party County Central Committee is the official Democratic Party leadership in our community. As a component of our Congressional District and State, The Central Committee is part of the Indiana Democratic Party. Likewise, the Indiana Democratic Party is a part of the Democratic National Committee. From the DNC down to the precinct level, each committee is part of the Democratic Party in the United States.

The Central Committee is composed of Precinct Chairpersons (PCPs) and Precinct Vice Chairpersons (PVCP). PCPs have a critical role to play in representing the party, from voter registration and mobilization to developing long-lasting rapport among voters in their neighborhoods and the Party. PCPs, as voting members of the Central Committee, also vote in caucus to elect party leadership, and to fill Democratic Party-held vacancies of elected positions that may occur before the end of a term.

PCPs are elected on the Democratic Party Primary Ballot in by-election years between Gubernatorial elections, often called the "Midterms." PCPs are elected to a four year term. The most recent election of the County Committee was May 3, 2022.

The next election of the Central Committee is May 5, 2026.

PVCPs are appointed by a PC by the third Wednesday of the month of the Midterm Democratic Primary. Vacancies, uncontested PCs, and PVCPs not appointed after the 10-day period are appointed solely by Monroe County Democratic Party Chair and serve at the pleasure of the chair. All PCs and PVCPs terms expire at the next election of the PCs.

The Monroe County Democratic Party believes Precinct Chairs and Vice Chairs are transparent positions in our community. We share our Central Committee information with the public as part of our commitment to transparency and support of our prospective candidates. We advocate for all state and county central committees to do so in the same spirit.

Updated 3/1/23

Precinct Committee Person Name Email Address
Bean Blossom 01 Vacant  
Bean Blossom 02 Vacant  
Bean Blossom 03 Vacant  
Benton 01 Tressia (Tree) Martin [email protected]
Benton 02 Eric T Schmitz [email protected]
Bloomington 01 Nora West [email protected]
Bloomington 02 Forrest Gilmore [email protected]
Bloomington 03 Nicole Bolden  
Bloomington 04 Geoff McKim [email protected]
Bloomington 05 Vacant  
Bloomington 06 Natalia Galvan [email protected]
Bloomington 07 Belle deCastro [email protected]
Bloomington 08 Scott D Keegan [email protected]
Bloomington 09 Dorothy Granger [email protected]
Bloomington 10 Jill M. Jolliff [email protected]
Bloomington 11 Julie L Thomas [email protected]
Bloomington 12 Jeanne B Smith [email protected]
Bloomington 13 Jillian L Kinzie [email protected]
Bloomington 14 Daniel T Bingham [email protected]
Bloomington 15 Aja R Jester [email protected]
Bloomington 16 Jacob Schwartz [email protected]
Bloomington 17 Sue SgambellurI [email protected]
Bloomington 18 Emma Shriberg [email protected]
Bloomington 19 Henry Wolfla [email protected]
Bloomington 20 Charlotte Zietlow [email protected]
Bloomington 21 Mark L Stosberg [email protected]
Bloomington 22 Matthew Fyfe [email protected]
Bloomington 23 Karen Granger [email protected]
Bloomington 24 Novella Shuck [email protected]
Clear Creek 01 Vacant  
Clear Creek 02 Joann Calabrese [email protected]
Clear Creek 03 Vacant  
Indian Creek Brad Swain [email protected]
Perry 01 Elizabeth M Rosenbarger [email protected]
Perry 02 Erika Oliphant [email protected]
Perry 03 Kaisa Goodman [email protected]
Perry 04 Sue Wanzer [email protected]
Perry 05 Adrienne Elizabeth Evans Fernandez a[email protected]
Perry 06 Isabel Piedmont-Smith [email protected]
Perry 07 Jack Wanninger [email protected]
Perry 08 Sean P Gilley [email protected]
Perry 09 Cory Ray [email protected]
Perry 10 Jennifer Crossley [email protected]
Perry 11 Patricia Williams [email protected]
Perry 12 Manuel Diaz-Campos [email protected]
Perry 13 Courtney M Daily [email protected]
Perry 14 Sam Ujdak [email protected]
Perry 15 Regina Moore [email protected]
Perry 16 Jack Davis [email protected]
Perry 17 Joleena L. Mundy [email protected]
Perry 18 Iris Fabius Kiesling [email protected]
Perry 19 Sarah Bauerle [email protected]
Perry 20 Shelli Yoder [email protected]
Perry 21 Allyson Mcbride [email protected]
Perry 22 April Hennessey [email protected]
Perry 23 Donyel Byrd [email protected]
Perry 24 Dan Combs [email protected]
Perry 25 Penny Githens [email protected]
Perry 26 Edward Robertson [email protected]
Perry 27 Melinda J. Seader [email protected]
Perry 28 Matt Flaherty [email protected]
Perry 29 Sara A Bretz [email protected]
Perry 30 Stephen Volan [email protected]
Perry 31 Ryne R J Shadday [email protected]
Perry 32 Sarah E Kopper  
Richland 01 Kurtis J Cummings [email protected]
Richland 02    
Richland 03 Pamela Jones Davidson [email protected]
Richland 04 Ruben D Marte  
Richland 05 Vacant  
Richland 06 Lee Jones [email protected]
Richland 07 Susan Dabkowski [email protected]
Richland 08 Vacant  
Richland 09 Kate Rosenbarger [email protected]
Salt Creek Joan Hall [email protected]
Van Buren 01 Sarah Owen [email protected]
Van Buren 02 Jim Sims [email protected]
Van Buren 03 William (Will) E. Smith III [email protected]
Van Buren 04 Wayne Shepherd [email protected]
Van Buren 05 Ashley Pirani [email protected]
Van Buren 06 David G. Henry [email protected]
Washington Byron R. Turner II [email protected]




Vice Precinct Committeperson Name Email Address
Bloomington 03    
Bloomington 05 Julia Beechler [email protected]
Bloomington 06 Kyle Duggar [email protected]
Bloomington 07 Samuel (Rocco) Zirille [email protected]
Bloomington 10 Eric Sader [email protected]
Bloomington 13 Jerrett Alexander  
Bloomington 16 Claire Liddell [email protected]
Bloomington 18 Evan Futa [email protected]
Bloomington 19    
Bloomington 24 Tanner Branham [email protected]
Perry 01 Dave Huber [email protected]
Perry 03 Chris Ravenna [email protected]
Perry 04 J Apple Muncy  
Perry 09 Karen Wrenbeck [email protected]
Perry 10 Isak Asare  
Perry 15 Don Moore [email protected]
Perry 16 Sue Mayer [email protected]
Perry 20 Josh Perry [email protected]
Perry 23 John K. Stipp  
Salt Creek Sean P. Hall