Bill Bailey Announces Bid for Congress

Bill Bailey will be announcing his bid for Congress in the 9th District this Wednesday, October 2nd at 10:00 a.m. outside the Social Security Office in Bloomington at 515 West Patterson Drive.  Come and hear Bill as he begins his race for Congress. This seat is currently held by the incumbent Congressman Todd Young, known for his attempts to take away healthcare from Americans and shut down the government in one fell swoop. Read Bill's statement below:

My name is Bill Bailey and this morning (afternoon) I am announcing my candidacy to be the Democrat nominee for Indiana’s 9th congressional district.

Each year during the Thanksgiving weekend I sit down to write out my blessings.  My family is always at the top of that list.  But the country and future that my children and grandchildren seem destined to inherit are not as full of hope and opportunities as I enjoyed….and that’s wrong.  Each generation should look forward to a better future than the one before it.

Today congress is dysfunctional and unproductive.  But congress is really the people we elect to represent us, and congress will continue to be dysfunctional as long as we re-elect those that have shown their inability to get anything done except argue.   Members of congress seem more interested and intent on finger pointing, political bickering and polarizing than governing.

Congress gives bazillions of dollars a year to people around the world, many of whom don’t even like us – and yet congress tries to increase the cost of a college education by raising the interest rates on Stafford loans.  Instead of helping our best and our brightest, Congress wants to hobble them with more debt.

Congress creates loopholes and tax advantages for Wall Street investment bankers – while by voting to cut the SNAP program, it takes food out of the mouths of the legitimately sick, the unemployed, children of single parents, and the elderly who never in their wildest imagination thought they would have to have help buying food.

Instead of giving confidence, Congress creates fear and uncertainty of a government shutdown and a default on the US debt.

And our middle class, the true economic driver of our economy, is disappearing.  We are becoming a nation of the haves and the have nots.

My work experience as a business owner, a Mayor, a state legislator and as the president of a small town chamber of commerce has been about solving problems, creating industrial parks and jobs, making partnerships and coalitions for healthy downtowns, building learning centers, and making lives and futures better.

We need a representative in congress who believes in term limits and not congressional stepping stones and ladders to higher office.  We need someone who knows what it is like not to have health insurance for his family.  We need someone who believes that people deserve the same equal treatment as corporations.   Like never before we need a congressional representative who isn’t owing to extremist factions and is willing to work across the political aisle to get things done – someone who will work for the futures of our children and grandchildren. 

My experiences and opportunities have brought me to this point, and I believe that I am that person.  And so, today, I am proud to announce my candidacy for congress.