Beverly Himes - Indian Creek Township

Campaign Statement of Beverly Himes Candidate for Trustee of Indian Creek Township:


“Continuing the Trust”

My roots here are deep. I grew up in beautiful Indian Creek Township and have a love for the area and the great people who live here. I attended the old, brick Kirksville Grade School from 1st through 8th grades, graduated from Bloomington High School, and attended Indiana University. My father was the Trustee of Indian Creek Township, and when he passed, my mother finished out his remaining term, so I am familiar with what is required of a township trustee.

My motto “Continuing the Trust” comes from my desire to continue the excellent work that Trustee Vicky Sorensen started when she was elected a few years ago and which she and the Township Board continue.   I will represent everyone, no matter what their affiliations and truly consider their opinions and constructive input.

I will treat all assistance applicants with dignity and respect while following the guidelines for administering assistance funds. When possible, and to help conserve township taxpayer funds, I will refer applicants to agencies that can provide additional assistance.

I am familiar with fire protection for our area because I was a member of the Board of Directors of the Indian Creek Volunteer Fire Department for several years, president for two years, secretary for two years and an auxiliary member for many years. I, along with all the Board members, worked closely with our treasurer to develop budgets for the fire department, so I am familiar with budgets. We will now have fire protection through the newly formed Southern Monroe County Fire Protection District, headed by the Perry-Clear Creek Fire Department. I will continue to support and advocate for the fire department and make sure that an active station remains open in Indian Creek Township.

I’m a member of the Indian Creek Community Association, and they and the volunteer fire fighters do most maintenance of the Community Park. They also plan and conduct activities for the community throughout the year. I’ll be looking for ways to enhance our beautiful country park with possibly some newer equipment, as has been suggested to me.

If I’m elected, any decisions that I make will be carefully weighed, discussed with the Township Board, and will be in the best interest of the township. I am committed to being a responsible steward of township resources.  

Speaking of resources, I will pursue all resources that are available to benefit the township, and I am dedicated to serving the community with transparency, accessibility, and fiscal responsibility. 

I hope you will support me, and I thank you for listening to me as an involved citizen. I’m asking for your vote.