A Statement from the Monroe County Democratic Party

Statement by the Monroe County Democratic Party

In light of the recent article that was published in the Indiana Daily Student, we are left feeling disheartened and upset. Let us be extremely clear, sexual harassment and abuse of power should have no place anywhere in our city and county and we take accounts of such very seriously.  

It is our moral obligation and duty to lead by example and hold ourselves accountable for our actions, no matter who we are. Our community is currently feeling a range of emotions and there is a deep need to come together, regardless of party, to learn and grow from this. Our leadership staff is working quickly to put together an event on the topic of sexual harassment and abuse of power for all to attend.  Furthermore, we call on the city and county to review, rewrite, and strengthen their policies to ensure that a situation such as this does not occur in the future.

If anyone has experienced sexual harassment or assault, please contact the Middle Way House 24/7 hotline at 812.336.0846.