Monroe County Democrats Elect New Leadership Team

Bloomington: The Local Democratic Party elected new Party officers as part of the State Party’s quadrennial process of reorganizing Party leadership.  Precinct committee members of the Monroe County Democratic Party, by a unanimous acclimation vote, re-elected Mark Fraley as the Party’s chairman.  The caucus also elected Monroe County Treasurer, Jessica McClellan as Vice Chair, City of Bloomington Innovation Director, Tom Miller as secretary, and Democracy for Monroe County Vice Chair, Kaisa Goodman as treasurer.

Fraley, having served, as chair since January of 2015, called on the Party to unite after tense primary elections.  “We will set aside stale quarrels of the past and embrace the notion that several separated factions do not, somehow, sum up, to a healthy community”, Fraley said.

The Party’s new vice chair, Jessica McClellan spoke of the need to make elections cleaner, fairer, and more accessible. “We need to unravel the segregation of gerrymandering. We must educate voters on voter id laws and work to make voter access fair”

Tom Miller, the newly elected secretary of the Party vowed to enhance the parties communications infrastructure “I want to bring my skills as a communications professional to the party and grow our efforts to communicate our values and support our candidates. I want to help us tell our story and the stories of the folks were fighting for”.

Kaisa Goodman addressed the Party’s need to reach beyond Monroe County’s borders to help make Democrats more competitive statewide. “I believe we have a moral and political obligation to reach out to Democrats in our more conservative neighboring counties.”

Fraley and McClellan, by virtue of their positions, are eligible to vote for Party officers of the 9th district, who in turn, elected the State Democratic Party Chair.  All caucus for reorganization will take place this month.