Letters to the Editor Supporting Will Smith

Compassionate candidate (HT: 3/7/18)

All 11 township board races in Monroe County are up for election in 2018. I’m excited that my township, Van Buren, has the opportunity to elect my neighbor Will Smith to the board. He’s fighting for safe homes and secure families for all of us. I’m impressed that he wants to use money the township already has to hire more firefighters and to replace our fire trucks every 15 years, instead of 18.

If elected, Will Smith would be the first Democrat on the board in many years and would bring a bipartisan perspective to the position. In conversations over the years, I’ve found Will to be thoughtful, compassionate and a good listener. I think his fostering a beautiful German Shepard/Alaskan Malamute mix for 14 months speaks to his caring personality.

So, I encourage you to vote for Will Smith for the Van Buren Township board in both this May’s primary election and in the November general election in 2018!

Cheryl Haium



Smith truly cares (HT 3/21/18)

My friend Will Smith will be on the ballot running for the board in Van Buren Township this year. You may have already encountered Will since he’s begun knocking on doors in the Township to introduce his candidacy — or maybe you’ve just seen him walking his foster dog, Tessa. But for those who have yet to meet him, when you do, you will be impressed with his willingness to listen and learn from people like you and me.

Will plans to bring a new perspective to the board by increasing government transparency. Township government is the most local form of government and affects our lives in important ways, like providing fire protection and emergency medical services. So we need to be able to know what’s going on easily. That’s why I like his ideas about posting upcoming board meeting and past meetings’ minutes to the Township’s website.

While his background and experiences certainly mean he’s qualified for the board, what impresses me most is that he truly cares about the people and his community. He wants safe homes and secure families for everyone, so vote William “Will” Smith for Van Buren Township board in 2018!

Carol D Wilson


Will Smith for township board (5/3/18)

Vote Will Smith for Van Buren Township Board.

I have worked closely with Will Smith on the IU Bloomington academic advisors council steering committee. Will has shown the qualities of a great leader during his time as president of the council. He listens carefully to all concerns. He understands the way to get things done in a bureaucracy. He has shown excellent professional management skills.

Will believes in a grassroots approach to improving life in the Bloomington area. He is not the type to just go with his own ideas. Instead, he solicits the opinions of the people.

He has gathered the needs of the community in order to make his platform, which involves supporting our firefighters, reducing hunger and homelessness and making housing more affordable. His straightforward honest approach will make it easier for the board to make positive changes.

Jane Pilgrim


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