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    Call to Caucus 2012-09-10

    On a sad note, we will be holding a caucus of Democratic precinct committee persons for all Monroe County precincts for the purpose of filling the position of County Council At-large vacated by Warren Henegar. The term ends December 31, 2012. The caucus will be held on Monday Sept 10, 2012 at 7:00 pm in the Bloomington Convention Center, Duke Room, at 302 South College Ave., Bloomington, Indiana. All Democrats are welcome to attend the caucus.  

    All Monroe County Democratic Party precinct committee persons are eligible to vote in the County Council At-large election. Vice precinct committeepersons shall be eligible to vote if they are carrying a proxy for their committeeperson in accordance with Indiana Democratic Party Rules.  Proxy notes may be submitted to me ahead of time or at the Caucus.  Email shall be acceptable for the submission of a proxy statement.

    Candidates for County Council At-large must be eligible to be a candidate for County Council At-large.  Candidates must file form CEB-5 with the Caucus Chair, Rick Dietz, 72 hours before the caucus – by 7PM on Wednesday Sept 7, 2012.  Any questions about this caucus can be addressed to Rick Dietz at chair@monroedems.org or at 812-671-0076.

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    Why the rooster in your logo?


    The rooster is the official symbol of the Democratic Party in many states including Indiana.  You may recall seeing it on paper ballots next to the option to vote a straight Democratic ticket, which we highly encourage, by the way! The use of the rooster as a symbol for the Democratic Party started right here in Indiana.  Despite the more commonplace use of the Donkey as a symbol, only the rooster has been officially adopted.  We think it is a nice connection to our Party's history.

    Here are some additional resources for more information:


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    Where is MCDP Headquarters located?


    Our Headquarters is located across Sounth College Ave from the Convention Center.  It's in a big white house.  Our street address is

    Monroe County Democratic Party
    627 N. Morton St.
    Bloomington, IN 47404

    Here is our Headquarters in Google Maps

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    Warren Henegar

    Warren sworn in 2009As you've heard, Monroe County Council Member  Warren Henegar passed away yesterday morning.  Our deepest sympathies are with Warren's family, friends and fellow adventurers throughout the years.  Much has and will be said about Warren.  He leaves a legacy of service and a life well-lived that should be an example to all of us.  I know him from a small fraction of his life as a farmer and a colleague on the Monroe County Council, but if it can be said of anyone it can be said of Warren: he contained multitudes.  His presence will be deeply missed, but it will continue to be felt in our community, in our lives, in the land.

    I want to share with you that there will be a visitation on Monday, August 27, 5 to 8 p.m. at the Monroe County Courthouse, 100 W. Kirkwood, Bloomington, Indiana.  In addition a memorial will be held at the Meetinghouse of the Bloomington Religious Society of Friends, 3820 Moores Pike, Bloomington, IN, on Sunday, October 7 at 2 p.m.

    These links below will take you to articles in the Herald Times about Warren and his obituary, including the Henegar-esque request that in lieu of flowers, Warren asks that you pay your taxes without complaint.


    Farewell dear friend…

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    HQ Needs

    Headquarters is hopping.  To help us keep running strong we need some additional stuff…

    If you can donate or provide us with any of these items for our HQ please call our  HQ Coordinator Sandy Churchill before you donate or deliver.  Sandy will coordinate incoming items and plumbing activities: 336-5875 or churchillsandra@gmail.com

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    Indian Creek Township

    About a week ago Andy Alexander submitted his resignation form the Indian Creek Township Board.  Under Indiana law the relevant County party chair is required to make an appointment for that office since there is only one precinct in Indian Creek Township.  I am proud to inform you that I have appointed Meri Reinhold to serve on the Indian Creek Township board.  As you may recall Meri ran a strong race to serve on this board in 2010.  Now she has that opportunity, and just in time for budgets!  Good luck, Meri, and thanks for your service!

  • A note from Matt Pierce on the State House Democratic Caucus leadership change:

    The House Democratic Caucus has changed its leadership to enable a more robust campaign effort and better messaging about the issues and our policies.  Rather than leaving operation of the legislative campaigns in one person's hands, a team of legislators will work on the campaigns.  House Democrats want to better coordinate with state and federal candidates and the other coordinated grassroots efforts.

    House Democrats have a real fight on their hands.  The Republicans have gerrymandered the legislative districts to their advantage and millions of dollars are being funneled to them from out-of-state right-wing groups who supported their anti-labor and public school privatization agenda.

    We will have to re-double caucus fundraising efforts and harness the power of our grassroots volunteers to turn back the Republicans and their terrible policies.

    Matt Pierce

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    Democratic Organizations


    Indiana Democratic Party


    The Indiana Democratic Party is the official arm of the Democratic Party in Indiana. Let's work together to elect Democratic candidates at every level of government.                                                                                                  

    Ninth District Democratic Party9th_Dist._Dems.jpg

    The Ninth District Democratic Party is the official arm of the Indiana Democratic Party for the Ninth Congressional District of Indiana.

    Democratic Women’s Caucus

    DWC.jpgThe Democratic Women's Caucus Mission: To fund, inspire, recruit, support, and train progressive women to increase the numbers of women in the electoral process and in elected and appointed positions. The Democratic Women's Caucus meets on the first Friday of every month at the Village Deli on Kirkwood at 7:30 a.m. for breakfast. All Progressive-minded individuals are welcome to attend.

    Monroe County Black Democratic Caucus                       

    MCBDC_LOGO.jpegThe Monroe County Black Democratic Caucus (MCBDC) is dedicated to the empowerment   of African Americans in the planning, decision making, and overall progress of the Democratic Party and the promotion of African American candidates seeking public office within Monroe County. The MCBDC meets the third Thursday of each month at the Monroe County Democratic Party Headquarters (116 S. Madison St. Suite A, Bloomington, IN 47404).   

    Indiana Latino Democratic Caucus, Ninth District          IN_Latino_Dems.png

    The INLDC-9th District seeks to encourage and facilitate active participation, of all Latinos living in the 9th District, in democratic processes and activities.     

    Stonewall Democrats of South Central Indiana

    The tri-part mission of SD-SCI is:
    1) recruit and support LGBTQI+ persons in order to increase the number of Democratic LGBTQI+ persons in elected and appointed positions;
    2) increase the participation of LGBTQI+ persons in the political process;
    3) advocate for Democratic candidates, policies and legislation that promote the social welfare and civil equality of sexual and gender minorities.

    Contact: SDofSCI@gmail.com 

    Indiana Ninth District Disability Caucus 

    The mission of the INDDC is to advocate for and actively include people with disabilities in the ninth district. 

    Monroe County Young Democrats

    Monroe County Young Dems (MCYD) is a chapter of the premier youth-led grassroots political organization in the state of Indiana. As the official youth caucus of the Indiana Democratic Party, Indiana Young Democrats (IYD) is a voting member of the Indiana State Central Committee. IYD membership dues are $5 annually for and is open to all Indiana Democrats age 14-35. You can submit dues and join IYD at http://indianayoungdem.org/. For more information, please feel free to reach out at monroecountyyd@gmail.com.

    Indiana University College Democrats


    The IU College Democrats is dedicated to promoting the Democratic Party platform, involving IU students in the Democratic Party, and to electing Democratic to local, state, and federal offices. You can find the IUCD's at Office 574, Student Activities Tower of the IMU. 

    Contact: iudems@indiana.edu

    Monroe County Democrats’ Club

    The Monroe County Democrats Club MCDC meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month (except December) from 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. Location, speakers, and program subjects vary. 




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    Precinct Chairs and Vice Chairs

    Precinct Chair and Vice Chair list updated 11/23/2019.

    Precinct Position First Name Last Name Email Address
    Bean Blossom 01 Chair Randy Jacobs rjacobs37@gmail.com
    Bean Blossom 01 Vice Chair Barbara Stewart bstew@bluemarble.net
    Bean Blossom 02 Chair Richie Carter mcarter@indiana.edu
    Benton 1 Chair Tressia Martin fieldstd@yahoo.com
    Benton 1 Vice Chair James P. David jamespmdavid@yahoo.com
    Benton 2 Chair Eric Schmitz eric@ericschmitz.com
    Bloomington 02 Chair Eric Spoonmore espoonmo@gmail.com
    Bloomington 02 Vice Chair Arielle Hacker  
    Bloomington 03 Chair Chaim Julian chjulia@umail.iu.edu
    Bloomington 04 Chair Cathy Fuentes-Rohwer tojanama.cathy@gmail.com
    Bloomington 04 Vice Chair Luis Fuentes-Rohwer lfrbluetka@gmail.com
    Bloomington 05 Chair Vic Kelson vic.kelson@gmail.com
    Bloomington 06 Chair Cathi Crabtree cathic9@gmail.com
    Bloomington 06 Vice Chair Caleb Poer rabbiddo2000@gmail.com
    Bloomington 07 Chair Josh Perry joshperry@me.com
    Bloomington 07 Vice Chair Chaz Mottinger chazmottinger@gmail.com
    Bloomington 08 Chair Charlotte Zietlow zietlowc@gmail.com
    Bloomington 08 Vice Chair Matt Bumbalough mathewbumbalough@gmail.com
    Bloomington 09 Chair Erin Wyatt eebwyatt@gmail.com
    Bloomington 09 Vice Chair Stephen Wyatt stevetwyatt@yahoo.com
    Bloomington 10 Chair Tom Pappas tom.k.pappas@gmail.com
    Bloomington 10 Vice Chair Jean Capler jean.capler@gmail.com
    Bloomington 11 Chair Julie Thomas drjuliethomas@gmail.com
    Bloomington 11 Vice Chair Mark Kruzan markkruzan@att.net
    Bloomington 12 Chair Jeanne Smith jean.bailey.smith@gmail.com
    Bloomington 12 Vice Chair Riley Gough rileygough@hotmail.com
    Bloomington 13 Chair Jillian Kinzie jilliankinzie@gmail.com
    Bloomington 13 Vice Chair David Vandeventer dsvandev@gmail.com
    Bloomington 14 Chair Cory Ray Corydray34@gmail.com
    Bloomington 15 Chair Geoff McKim geoff.mckim@gmail.com
    Bloomington 16 Chair Jessica McClellan jmcclellan1978@gmail.com
    Bloomington 17 Chair Susan M. Sgambelluri bloomingtonsue@gmail.com
    Bloomington 17 Vice Chair Geoff Bradley gjb47404@hotmail.com
    Bloomington 18 Chair Rachel Guglielmo rguglielmo.indiana@gmail.com
    Bloomington 19 Chair Bob Loviscek loviscek86@gmail.com
    Bloomington 20 Chair Barbara E. McKinney mckinney_barbara@att.net
    Bloomington 21 Chair Lorraine Merriman Farrell lm.farrell@comcast.net
    Bloomington 22 Chair Larime Wilson larime.w@att.net
    Bloomington 23 Chair Nicole Bolden fnicole.bolden@gmail.com
    Bloomington 24 Chair Donald Griffin griffin@homefinder.org
    Clear Creek 01 Chair Peter Iversen peter.j.iversen@hotmail.com
    Indian Creek Chair Cheryl Munson cherylmunson2012@gmail.com
    Indian Creek Vice Chair Brad Swain brad.swain@yahoo.com
    Perry 01 Chair Ashley Cranor ashleycranor@gmail.com
    Perry 02 Chair Erika Oliphant erika.oliphant@gmail.com
    Perry 03 Chair Jennifer Haralovich vicky@haralovich.org
    Perry 03 Vice Chair Rob Deppert robertdeppert@gmail.com
    Perry 04 Chair Sue Wanzer suewanzer@comcast.net
    Perry 04 Vice Chair Fred Schultz fred@greeneschultz.com
    Perry 05 Chair Denise Valkyrie Denisevalkyrie@gmail.com
    Perry 05 Vice Chair Bill Baus Baus1210@gmail.com
    Perry 06 Chair Susan Dabkowski susandab21@gmail.com
    Perry 07 Chair Regina Moore regina.moore@gmail.com
    Perry 07 Vice Chair Noah Davidson nrdavids@iu.edu
    Perry 08 Vice Chair Josh Johnson mxmwmurdermysteries@gmail.com
    Perry 09 Chair Nico Sigler nicosigler@gmail.com
    Perry 10 Chair Anthony S. Piatt flybands@gmail.com
    Perry 10 Vice Chair Amy Cox jrthurmo@indiana.edu
    Perry 11 Chair Thomas Coleman coleman@indiana.edu
    Perry 11 Vice Chair Pat Williams williamsbloomington@gmail.com
    Perry 12 Chair David Blackwell davidblackwell25@gmail.com
    Perry 12 Vice Chair Jamie Morris jamiemorrisrealtor@gmail.com
    Perry 13 Chair Paul Daily pdaily@gmail.com
    Perry 13 Vice Chair Trina Sterling trina.sterling@gmail.com
    Perry 14 Chair John Hamilton johnmarkhamilton99@gmail.com
    Perry 15 Chair Dawn Johnsen dawnjohnsen@gmail.com
    Perry 15 Vice Chair John Rickert jrickert1123@gmail.com
    Perry 16 Chair Jack Davis davijac2000@yahoo.com
    Perry 16 Vice Chair Brandi Host bmhost@gmail.com
    Perry 17 Chair Betsy S. Walsh walshbet@sbcglobal.net
    Perry 17 Vice Chair Dick Bauman bauman@indiana.edu
    Perry 18 Chair Iris F. Kiesling irisfkiesling@gmail.com
    Perry 19 Chair Sarah Bauerle sebauerle@gmail.com
    Perry 19 Vice Chair Joe Ryan jsryanjr@gmail.com
    Perry 20 Chair Carter Uebelhoer cduebelhoer@gmail.com
    Perry 20 Vice Chair Allison Chopra allison.chopra@mac.com
    Perry 21 Chair Dan Combs dancombs@gmail.com
    Perry 22 Chair Margie Rice margiekrice@gmail.com
    Perry 23 Chair Ronald Peterson kublaron@gmail.com
    Perry 23 Vice Chair Olivia Reed 3400 S Sare Rd, Apt 413
    Perry 24 Chair William Hosea whosea5768@gmail.com
    Perry 25 Chair Kate Wiltz lkwiltz@gmail.com
    Perry 26 Chair Ed Robertson edrbtsn@gmail.com
    Perry 26 Vice Chair Jan Gudaitis dgudaiti@aol.com
    Perry 27 Chair Carolyn VandeWiele cvpetdoc@comcast.net
    Perry 28 Chair Trent Deckard trentrdeckard@gmail.com
    Perry 28 Vice Chair Abby Ang ang.indivisible@gmail.com
    Perry 29 Chair Kyla Cox Deckard knblanke@yahoo.com
    Perry 30 Chair Kaisa Goodman kaisa.galena@gmail.com
    Perry 31 Chair Sam Ujdak samuel.ujdak@gmail.com
    Perry 31 Vice Chair Kassandra Botts kass.botts@hanapinmarketing.com
    Perry 32 Vice Chair Denise Gardiner dagardin@iu.edu
    Richland 02 Chair Jackie Yenna jyenna52@bluemarble.net
    Richland 02 Vice Chair Linda Yenna lyenna53@bluemarble.net
    Richland 03 Chair Pamela Davidson pjdavidson@giftplanners.com
    Richland 04 Chair Meghan Miller meghanemilymiller@gmail.com
    Richland 05 Chair Carol D. Wilson cdwilson_900@comcast.net
    Richland 05 Vice Chair Scott Keegan skeegan@butler.edu
    Richland 06 Chair Lee Jones jones.lee3@gmail.com
    Richland 06 Vice Chair Dale Jones  
    Richland 07 Chair Howard Cross hcross@ns-ci.com
    Salt Creek Chair Donn Hall donnhall403@yahoo.com
    Van Buren 01 Chair Ashley Pirani bsox31@hotmail.com
    Van Buren 01 Vice Chair Byron Turner Turner1461@gmail.com
    Van Buren 02 Chair Jim Sims je.djsims@sbcglobal.net
    Van Buren 02 Vice Chair Doris Sims je.djsims@sbcglobal.net
    Van Buren 03 Chair Catherine Smith csmith@co.monroe.in.us
    Van Buren 03 Vice Chair David Henry david.henry1820@gmail.com
    Van Buren 04 Chair Will Smith justinian89@hotmail.com
    Van Buren 05 Chair Wayne Shepherd hinrgdj@aol.com
    Van Buren 05 Vice Chair Vonnie Shepherd  
    Van Buren 06 Chair Pamela Foohey pfoohey@gmail.com
    Washington Chair Richard Slabach richslabach@hotmail.com

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    Office Holders

    State of Indiana

    • State Senate District 40: Mark Stoops
    • State House District 61: Matt Pierce

    Monroe County

    • Commissioners
      • District 1: Lee Jones
      • District 2: Julie Thomas
      • District 3: Penny Githens 
    • Council
      • At-Large: Trent Deckard, Geoff McKim, Cheryl Munson
      • District 1: Peter Iversen
      • District 2: Kate Wiltz
      • District 4: Eric Spoonmore
    • Judges
      • Division 1: Honorable Elizabeth A. Cure
      • Division 2: Honorable Valeri Haughton
      • Division 3: Honorable Christine Talley Haseman
      • Division 4: Honorable Catherine B. Stafford
      • Division 5: Honorable Mary Ellen Diekhoff
      • Division 6: Honorable Holly M. Harvey
      • Division 7: Honorable Stephen R. Galvin
      • Division 9: Honorable Darcie L. Fawcett
    • Administrative Offices
      • Assessor: Judy Sharp
      • Auditor: Cathy Smith
      • Clerk of Courts: Nicole Brown
      • Coroner: Joani Shields
      • Prosecutor: Erika Oliphant
      • Recorder: Eric Schmitz
      • Sheriff: Brad Swain
      • Surveyor: Trohn Randoph-Enright
      • Treasurer: Jessica McClellan

    City of Bloomington

    • Mayor: John Hamilton
    • City Clerk: Nicole Bolden
    • City Council:
      • At Large: Susan Sandberg, Jim Sims, Matt Flaherty
      • District 1: Chris Sturbaum
      • District 2: Sue Sgambelluri
      • District 3: Ron Smith
      • District 4: Dave Rollo
      • District 5: Isabel Piedmont-Smith
      • District 6: Steve Volan

    Town of Stinesville

    • Town Council: Kimberly Cunningham, Kelsey McGlocklin, Scott McGlocklin

    Bean Blossom Township

    • Board: Randy Jacobs

    Benton Township

    • Trustee: Michelle Bright
    • Board: Joe Husk, Hans Kelson

    Bloomington Township

    • Trustee: Kim Alexander
    • Board: Lorraine Merriman Farrell, Martin Spechler, Dorothy Granger

    Perry Township

    • Trustee: Dan Combs
    • Board: Susie Hamilton, Barbara Sturbaum, Jack Davis

    Salt Creek Township

    • Trustee: Donn Hall

    Van Buren Township

    • Board: William Smith III

    Washington Township

    • Board: Patricia Slabach

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    Voter Information

    Voters’ Bill of Rights


    You have the right to:

    1. Verify that you are registered to vote. Call your local elections office to make sure there are no problems with your registration. You can reach the office at 1-866-IN1-VOTE (461-8683) or check here
    2. Vote early. Any registered voter may vote early in person. See voting information for the dates and times of early voting. 
    3. Vote absentee. You may vote absentee if you will be absent from the county on Election Day, are scheduled to work during the entire 12 hours that the polls are open, or several other reasons. For a list of other absentee ballot qualifications please visit. See voting information for the dates related to absentee voting
    4. Vote in a safe and non-intimidating environment. Call 1-800-311-VOTE(8683) to report any discrepancies, problems, or issues at the polls.
    5. Vote at accessible and properly equipped polling places. The Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA) requires at least one accessible voting machine be placed in each polling place in addition to making the facility physically accessible. Call 866-IN1-VOTE or 800-622-4845 to report a polling place does not meet this requirement.
    6. Vote in person on Election Day. Polls are open 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Election Day. Find your local polling place here or call -866-IN-1-VOTE. A government issued ID must be presented on Election Day. The ID must: (1) be issued by Indiana or the US government; (2) display your name in a manner that conforms to your voter registration record; (3) displays your photo; and (4) display an expiration date that is current or expired after November 4, 2008.
    7. Request assistance at the polls if needed. You may be assisted in the voting booth only if you have a disability (permanent or temporary) or are unable to read or write the English language. A request for assistance must be made before entering the voting booth. The voter may designate anyone as an assistant.
    8. Ask for a new ballot
    9. Take a marked sample ballot with you into the voting booth
    10. Vote if you are in line when polls close at 6 p.m.

    For more information contact:

    Federal law guarantees your right to cast a ballot even if someone says you are not eligible. If you are qualified to vote and registered in the jurisdiction, do not leave the polling place without at least voting a provisional ballot.

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    Register to Vote

    Voter Registration Forms

    To register to vote in Indiana, use the Federal Voter Registration Form or the new State Voter Registration Form. Applicants with a valid driver's license or state identification card may also register or update information online. The Monroe County Clerk's Office has the federal forms available, and has more information available here.

    Call us at MCDP Headquarters at (812) 272-3439 if you need any help.


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    Thank You!

    Thanks for your support of the Monroe County Democratic Party!

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