Our Candidates

Monroe County Voters Guide

Good Luck to all the Democratic Candidates! 

United States Senate

Indiana Ninth Congressional District

Candidates for State of Indiana Offices                                                            

  • State House District 46: Thomasina Marsili
  • State House District 60: Penny Githens
  • State House District 61: Matt Pierce
  • State House District 62: Amy Swain

Candidates for County Offices                                  

  • Assessor: Judy Sharp
  • Clerk: Nicole Brown
  • Commissioner District 1: Lee Jones & Patrick Stoffers
  • Council
    • District 1: Shelli Yoder
    • District 2: Troy Thomas, Jayme Washel & Katie Wiltz
    • District 4: Eric Spoonmore
  • Judges
    • Division 2, Seat 2: Chris Gaal & Christine Talley Haseman
    • Division 6, Seat 3: Jeff Kehr & Catherine Stafford                                    
    • Division 9, Seat 8: Geoffrey Bradley, Darcie L. Fawcett & Alphonso Manns
  • Prosecuting Attorney
    • Erika Oliphant
    • Margie Rice
    • Matt Schulz
  • Recorder: Eric Schmitz
  • Sheriff: Brad Swain
  •  Township Board: 
    • Bean Blossom (Pick 3): Vernal Chafin, Randy Jacobs, Kelsey McGlocklin & Benny Walden 
    • Benton (Pick 3): Brian Dean Crouch, Joe Husk, Hans Kelson & Sean McInerney
    • Bloomington (Pick 3): Lorraine Merriman Farrell, Vic Kelson, Robert Lee Loviscek, Jr., Barbara McKinney & Marty Spechler
    • Indian Creek (Pick 3): Rosemary Doherty & Wayne Sullivan
    • Perry: Jack Davis, Abbey “Susie” Hamilton & Barbara Sturbaum
    • Polk: Vic Streiff
    • Salt Creek: Guy Cunningham
    • Van Buren: William “Will” E. Smith III
    • Washington: Patricia Slabach
  • Township Trustees:
    • Bean Blossom: Pamela Stewart Cook
    • Benton: Michelle Bright
    • Bloomington: Kim Alexander
    • Indian Creek: Beverly Himes
    • Perry: Dan Combs
    • Salt Creek: Donn Hall

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  • commented 2016-09-12 10:50:46 -0400
    We are working as hard as we can locally to support local candidates and events in Monroe County. I invite comments and suggestions from our democratic community of volunteers and candidates to add their thoughts and suggestions for improving our organization. Thank you for speaking out! We re better together! Pat
  • commented 2016-07-23 10:49:38 -0400
    I have been a democrat for 6 years now, and I will no longer be supporting the party due to clear and irrefutable collusion between Hillary Clinton and the DNC. I invite you to take a look at any article on this page (https://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/4u5ztv/dnc_email_leak_megathread/) that contains the latest wikileaks email dump from the DNC. This is not what democracy looks like.