Monroe County Treasurer Candidate: Hans Huffman

Monroe County

Treasurer Candidate

Hans Huffman


My name is Hans Huffman and I’m running to be your next County Treasurer. I believe I have the experience needed to lead this important office effectively for the next four years.

I was born and raised here in Monroe County and became involved in local politics while attending North High School. That involvement was inspiring as I worked and volunteered with local officials and has continued throughout my life where I have met so many of you. Previously, I have served as the Treasurer of The Monroe County Democratic Party, worked on many democratic candidate campaigns and currently serve as a precinct chair from the south side of Bloomington. I started working in county government in 2002 and joined the Treasurer’s Office in 2009, first as a deputy Treasurer and later Chief Deputy in 2010. I continue to serve Monroe County’s Citizens in that role and this experience has more than prepared me for the job. During the last 7 years I have worked to improve efficiency, eliminate wait times, lower costs, improve communication with tax payers and bring the office efficiently into the 21st century. I currently manage the County’s bank accounts and investments that often exceed 100 million dollars.  In that role, I am responsible for insuring that tax payer monies are safe and fully accounted. Over the last several years, we have made great strides but there is still more work to be done. It is an honor to be part of this as Chief Deputy and am eager to continue moving the office forward if elected Treasurer. Among my priorities are:

-Responsible management of Taxpayer money.

I will make sure that every dollar is accounted for by implementing a prudent investment strategy to safely maximize our return. Making a distribution on time to all the taxing units is essential to keeping Monroe County functioning and able to provide services to its’ taxpayers. Over the last 7 years, the Treasurer’s office has made 14 settlement distributions (7 Spring, 7 Fall) and has always been on time.

-Friendly, knowledgeable customer service.

I have worked with the Treasurer to assemble and train an amazing staff. We work as a team to assist taxpayers whether it’s in person in our office, by phone or by email.  My staff and I always go the extra mile to make sure that everyone who visits our office feels like they were treated fairly and respectfully and that their concerns have been addressed.

-Effective communication with Taxpayers and other departments.

Making information readily available online gives taxpayers the flexibility to get information and make payments whenever they want, rather than being restricted to office hours. Making information available isn’t enough though. It’s important that citizens know how to find and access that information. I believe that increasing our online presence provides a greater opportunity for communication with taxpayers and insures transparency.

Open channels of communication with other county departments is vital.  The Treasurer’s Office is one link of many in the chain of county government offices. While each are separate departments with distinct responsibilities, each is dependent on the others to complete their part of the process accurately and timely. Working together insures that your Government runs smoothly, helps avoid errors, and encourages everyone involved to work toward the common goal of provide the best service we can to The residents of Monroe County.

Monroe County deserves a Treasurer who is experienced in financial management, dedicated to public service and committed to finding ways to be more efficient and reduce costs. This is exactly what I have done during my time as Chief Deputy Treasurer and with your support, what I will continue to do as the next Monroe County Treasurer.

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