Democratic Party Reorganizations

This March Indiana's various Democratic Party organizations will gather to elect new leaders for new 4 year terms from the bottom to the top.  For us, this includes the Monroe County Democratic Party, the 9th District Democratic Party and the Indiana Democratic Party.

These leadership elections will take place on following dates:
  • Monroe County Democratic Party -- March 2, 2013
  • 9th District Democratic Party -- March 9, 2013 
  • Indiana Democratic Party -- March 16, 2013
Monroe County Democratic Party officers will be elected by MCDP precinct chairs and vice-precinct chairs on March 2.  9th District Democratic Party officers are elected by all of the new and continuing County chairs and vice chairs on March 9th.  Indiana Democratic Party officers are then elected by the new and continuing District Chairs and Vice chairs on March 16th.

We will be sending information out shortly about our local reorganization and an official letter to all precinct chairs and vice chairs in the coming week.
Mark your calendars and stay tuned for an official meeting announcement.

Take care,

Caucus for County Council District 1


The Monroe County Democratic Party will hold a caucus on Saturday Jan 26, 2013 at 2 pm in the Monroe County Courthouse, Nat U. Hill Meeting Room for the purpose of filling the position of Monroe County Councilor District 1 vacated by Vic Kelson.

Candidates for this office must be eligible to be a candidate for County Council District 1 (old boundary).  Candidates must have filed form CEB-5 with the Caucus Chair, Rick Dietz, 72 hours before the caucus – by 2PM on Wednesday Jan 23, 2013. At 2pm today the deadline passed for candidates to file for this caucus.  As of the filing deadline, 4 candidates filed and they are…

  • Lindsay A. Shipps
  • Anthony A. Smith
  • John Willard Tilford
  • Shelli Yoder

This caucus for District 1 County Council is unique. It will be a caucus of the new (post 2010 census) precincts that lay within or overlapping old (pre 2010 census) Council District 1 boundaries.  This includes the following current/new precincts:

  • Benton 1, 2
  • Bloomington 8, 9, 10, 21
  • Perry 4,9,10,11,12,13,14,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,26,28,31,32
  • Salt Creek

All (old) Council District 1 Monroe County Democratic Party precinct committee persons are eligible to vote in the Council election. Vice precinct committeepersons shall be eligible to vote if they are carrying a proxy for their committeeperson in accordance with Indiana Democratic Party Rules.  

The Caucus is open to all Democrats, but only (old) District 1 precinct chairs or their authorized proxy may vote.

Any questions about this caucus can be addressed to me at or at 812-671-0076.


Rick Dietz, Chair
Monroe County Democratic Party
Caucus Chair

Remarks from the Swearing-in of 2012 General Election Candidates


With the passing of every election we turn to the task of organizing the civic ritual of swearing-in our community's newly elected officials.  It is at this time the candidates and politicians of 2012 become the public servants of 2013 and beyond.  We are here to honor their efforts and to celebrate the democratic, peaceful and orderly transition of office in our local governments.  But this is more than simply a civic ritual, It’s a celebration and a renewal of an ages old pact, one that defines the legitimate use of government power, the limits on that power, the people who may wield it and their obligations to the citizens of our community from which these powers derive.

A Note To all 2012 Candidates:

In elections, as in much of life, the dividing line between victory and defeat can be slim and even when not, we should celebrate all those who worked hard and ran compelling races, but did not in the end prevail.  We owe a debt of gratitude as a community to all of our citizens willing to step into the arena of public life and community service.

Let's hear it for all of our community's 2010 candidates!

To our Newly Elected Officials:

It is no light matter to enter into public service.  We hear time and time again complaints that so few choose to run and to serve.  But you have.  And for that we thank you.

No one sworn in here today has an easy task before them.  Many struggle in our community to meet basic needs against the backdrop of local, state and national economic struggle.  Many are looking to you as elected officials to provide critical services amidst declining resources.  And many hope for leaders to stand above it all – the arguments and squabbles – despite politics being perhaps the most quintessentially human enterprise.  

And although the challenges are many, our community is strong and resilient.  In no small part due to the caliber of officials serving, officials that have served before, and officials to be sworn-in here today.  

Candidates asked for the support of the people of Monroe County for their campaigns.  Now it's time for them to earn that support yet again through their elected service, as best they can, to the people of Monroe County.   Please join me in thanking all who will now represent our community in government.

(As delivered by Rick Dietz, Jan 1, 2013)

End of the Year 2012

As the year winds down I want to thank all of you for your important contributions throughout the past year.  2012 was a year where our wins and losses were both political and personal. Your support helped our party emerge from 2012 in positions of strength in local and national political spheres. We can be proud of our candidates and of the efforts of our hundreds of volunteers to make our community a better place. Thank you for being a part of that effort.

There is only one last step to close out the 2012 Election.  We will be swearing-in newly elected and re-elected officeholders at a Swearing-in Ceremony on January 1 and you are invited!  The Monroe County Swearing-in Ceremony will be held on Tuesday, January 1 at 2 p.m. at the Judge Nat U. Hill Room at the Monroe County Courthouse. You are invited to attend. This is a non-partisan event and will be an opportunity to congratulate all of our recently elected and re-elected county officials. All are welcome.

With that being said, I am happy to close out 2012.  2013 will be a year of planning and building and reorganization for the MCDP.  I'm looking forward to it.  With your help we will keep our party strong and be more than ready for the next election cycle in 2014.

Happy New Year!

Call to Caucus: Dec. 12, 2012

I hope this note reaches you well and warm. As you've probably heard, Mark Stoops has resigned from the position of Commissioner in order to be sworn in as a State Senator. This leaves a vacancy on the 3 member Board of Commissioners that it is our responsibility to fill. Thus I am calling together a caucus for the purpose of electing a County Commissioner for District 2 to serve the remainder of Mark's term which ends December 31, 2012.

In other news, MCDP Secretary Nicole Bolden has also resigned. Nicole was responsible for our Dispatch email updates though the general election and Secretary responsibilities under state party rules. We appreciate her service and wish her the best with her other projects and commitments. Given Nicole's resignation, we will also elect a replacement Secretary at this same caucus to serve the remainder of the Secretary term which ends in March 2013.

The caucus will be held on Wednesday Dec 12, 2012 at 5:30 pm in the Monroe County Courthouse, Nat U. Hill Meeting Room, at 100 West Kirkwood Ave., Bloomington, Indiana. It will be the first of this year's long series of Caucuses that we hold in the Monroe County Courthouse. I'm glad we will be in a position to meet there this time. This is the last caucus of the year I promise!

For the official notice of the caucus, please continue reading below. Otherwise I hope everyone has a lovely and warm Thanksgiving.

Take care,

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Thoughts on Election 2012


I want to share a few thoughts with you about the election. The results were very positive at the national and local level and I am very proud of our performance in Monroe County. Although Indiana state government went deep red due to Gerrymandered districts, Monroe County continued to be a bright blue beacon.

I wish to thank all of the MCDP officers, MCDP volunteers, coordinated campaign staff, OFA, IU Democrats and everyone that gave this campaign their all. We didn't have an Indiana presidential campaign as the wind behind our backs as in 2008, but we made up for that with a great campaign organization at MCDP headquarters and amazing volunteers.

From the standpoint of the Monroe County Democratic Party Chair, I am proud of the efforts that every candidate invested in this race. You all ran solid campaigns despite the turmoil and tragedy of this election cycle. And although we don’t know the precise Monroe County totals yet — provisional ballots are yet to be counted — the results are clear: all of our candidates will continue to serve our community with distinction inside and outside of government. For those who are new or returning to elected office, we can be proud that they are representing us and our community. For those who did not make it through on Election night, they have our greatest respect for their service and for giving this campaign everything they had.

A special note to our volunteers... I know all of our officers are grateful for your service and commitment to improving our community. It was a strong campaign executed in a very imperfect year filled with ballot changes, personal tragedies and without the strong Presidential presence we had in 2008. But you worked hard, worked creatively and worked intelligently to get us across the finish line on Election Day. Thank you all!

It was truly an honor to work with all of our community's Democrats and to get to know you better throughout this campaign. I regret that we were only able to do so much as a County against the GOP in the statehouse. It will be a challenging time for Indiana with the Tea Party driving Hoosier politics. Notwithstanding this setback, the quality of our campaigns and candidates helped us hold our ground in Monroe County. It was my primary goal this election cycle to demonstrate clearly and without a doubt that we have a durable Democratic majority in Monroe County government. And I think the results reflect this. That is not to say that we will or can win all races but like Bloomington, the burden of governing Monroe County falls largely upon Democrats. That is a responsibility we have sought and one we must honor.

All of you have much for which you can be proud. Despite Indiana not being contested at the presidential level, the quality of our local campaigns and candidates helped us hold our ground in Monroe County and to elect many great Democrats to represent us. Always remember that you were a critical part in keeping Monroe County blue in 2012! I count this campaign year as one of my most personally challenging and rewarding experiences: it has been my honor to serve as your Democratic Party Chairperson and to work alongside so many great people for a common goal in this critical election year.

All the best,

Get Out The Vote! and Vote!

Get out the vote!

We need your help to Get Out the Vote through 6PM on Election Day!

  • Call us at 812-336-5875
  • Come to HQ at 335 S College Ave. 
  • Email us at

Vote on Election Day!

Election Day voting is at your Polling Place - 6AM to 6PM.  Find your polling place at

If you need help of any sort, including a ride to the polls, call us at 336-5875


Stoops says Dallas is avoiding public scrutiny

Mark Stoops, Democratic candidate for State Senate District 40 says Monroe County Republican Party Chair Steve Hogan and local Republican candidates have no interest in debating their “Tea Party” agenda.
Stoops, current President of the Monroe County Board of Commissioners, says his opponent for the Senate seat, and many other local Republican candidates, are avoiding public debate. “My opponent has refused to stand up and make his case in a format that would force him to justify his agenda.”
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Monroe County Democratic Party Annual JJ Dinner Fundraiser

The Monroe County Jefferson-Jackson Dinner is scheduled for Saturday, October 27, 2012 at 6:00 pm at Terry's Banquet and Catering Center at 3124 Canterbury Court,  Bloomington, IN 47404. Our Jefferson Jackson Dinner is our annual celebration of the founding of the Democratic Party and a major fundraising event for us. Our keynote speaker will be the Honorable Lee Hamilton.

Seats will be $50. Table sponsorships are available for $400 and include 8 seats. Event sponsorships are available at the $250 level and include 2 seats. There will also be a silent auction: donations are welcome!

Please contact Hans at or (812) 361-9316 if you'd like to reserve a table or a sponsorship. You can also buy individual tickets at

McKim, Jones, Munson Call For Investment in Community Corrections

Democratic Candidates for County Council Geoff McKim, Lee Jones, and Cheryl Munson call on the County Council to invest in a permanent facility for the Monroe County Community Corrections program.

Community Corrections is an innovative program that provides a continuum of alternatives to incarceration, including public restitution, road crew, day reporting, and home detention. The program is essential to keeping the jail population below the mandatory caps.

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